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Available in 190 countries, SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) allows you to facilitate socially responsible employment while finding, engaging, managing, and compensating a diverse external workforce.

Diverse Supplier Flags

Suppliers like Daivergent and The Mom Project allow you to flag diverse suppliers. This empowers you to increase the inclusivity and diversity of your external workforce.

Achieve Pay Parity

SAP Fieldglass allows you to view market rates by position and location. You can automatically revise work orders when pay parity status is attainted allowing you to improve the pay equity of external workers.

Automate Onboarding Requirements

By automating onboarding requirements, such as mandatory training, you can promote a safe work environment for your external workers. This allows you to ensure that your external workers are meeting the same training and safety requirements as your permanent workers.

Track Tenure of External Workers

Tracking the tenure of your external workers is key to preventing co-employment issues. SAP Fieldglass provides you with the visibility necessary to reduce risks related to personnel responsibilities like payment and tax rates.

Accurately Invoice External Work

Ensuring that external work is accurately invoiced is critical to compliance with local labor laws globally. With SAP Fieldglass’ automatic invoicing feature invoice adjustments such as local tax rules and the application of discounts are automatically applied based on the location of the work.

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