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Product and Topic Expert
When hiring contingent workers, to ensure the success of your projects you need people with the required skills and with the right spirit to join your organization.

If you have many candidates to choose from, you will have to spend time checking everybody’s resumes, ask previous managers for feedback and, finally, make a choice, trying to base it on facts in order to avoid any biased decision. This is a complex and time-consuming task.

SAP Fieldglass comes with a set of embedded functionalities to help you take this decision with more data and with the assurance that you have considered all candidates thoroughly.

In the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management solution, when you select an open requisition for an external worker with multiple candidates, you can see a card with information on each of them as shown here below:

SAP Fieldglass candidate cards

In the cards, you can see that Marie’s resume has been ranked 1st, while Peter’s has come in 2nd.

To obtain the ranking, the candidates’ resumes were automatically read by an artificial intelligence model that extracted the listed skills. Once the candidate's skills are known, they are matched with the skills listed in the job requisition. The higher the match between the requested and presented skills, the higher the rank of the resume compared to other submitted candidates.

Clicking on the Quick Preview button in each candidate’s card you can see the resume and the skills that were found.

Candidate resume details

The artificial intelligence model also extracts information on the past experiences of the candidate and their knowledge of the industry they should work in. This information is not used to rank the resume but is available for the hiring manager as an additional data point to consider in making the decision.

Before extracting any information, the resume is completely anonymized removing all personal information. This helps in removing bias in the choice of the candidate.

As skills listed in a resume are not the only criteria for the choice of a contingent worker, SAP Fieldglass also shows additional useful information. As an example, if the candidate has already worked for your company, the previous manager's feedback is shown. This can help assess if the candidate has a personality that fits your company's expectations.

In the example above, Marie has a higher rank for her resume, but Peter has better feedback from previous managers.

This variety of information enables companies to customize their decision-making process by weighing these factors according to their own business needs.SAP Fieldglass lets you compare side by side the candidates who you think are more interesting so that you can more easily see their differences.

Candidates comparison

Based on all this information, that you have in a single visualization, you can decide which candidates you want to interview for the open position.

With SAP Fieldglass you can easily manage dozens of candidate submissions and find the ones that are more appropriate to the open requisition. By using  the AI automated extraction of skills and experiences, hiring managers can arrive at the ideal candidate for their position faster, more efficiently and without bias.

If you are curious to simulate the financial benefits of this functionality in your company, you can try the value calculator tool at <this link>. The tool enables you to have a tailored evaluation of the benefit based on your company business context.

The resume ranking functionality is available to all SAP Fieldglass customers. If you do not see it in your Requisitions interface, you can ask SAP to enable it simply in the SAP Fieldglass Configuration Manager or by contacting your SAP account executive.
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