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42% of an organizations spend is on services. And today, with a growing need for organizations to bring in vendors to perform services in any organization to boost competitive advantage now requires unique skills and labour. This means that in any service an organization procures, the External Workforce plays a more important role than ever.

But let’s face it, there are limited options that help organizations manage Service Requests and the External Workforce at the same time. As an example, a buying organization would like to avail an IT Service to build their Network Infrastructure where milestones and deliverables are managed, but lacks the ability to manage the External Workforce coming in to perform the service.

Luckily, there’s Fieldglass!

Managing Service Milestones & Deliverables while keeping the External Workforce in mind

There is a person (or a team of people) behind every milestone and deliverable that a supplier completes. When people are involved, more questions are raised such as:

  • am I paying the External Workers adequately?

  • Have I and my supplier gone through the right onboarding for these workers?

  • Do we have a way to manage their offboarding process?

  • Am I in compliance with the appropriate tenure policy to engage these workers as they perform service

Fieldglass helps you manage both your Service Milestones and Deliverables and the External Workforce coming in for you, ensuring that you are getting the quality service with the right skills and talent while ensuring you are compliant to applicable legislations!

Across different industries and organizations who have implemented SAP Fieldglass’ Statement of Work Module, you’ll get to hear amazing stories and testaments of their successes as they manage their Services Procurement processes together with the External Workforce in the solution. Learn more about the stories here.