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Stay current on SAP Ariba for direct and indirect spend, SAP Fieldglass for workforce management, and SAP Concur for travel and expense with blog posts by SAP.
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Product and Topic Expert

In this blog you will find a list of resources to help you get started with learning about SAP Ariba.

For the hands-on tutorial video series by tahirhussain.babar (Bob), see

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Intelligent Spend Management

A Suite of Solutions

Intelligent Spend Management is a suite of three cloud-based solutions, part of SAP's solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise:

  • Direct and indirect spend (SAP Ariba)

  • Travel and expense (SAP Concur)

  • Services and external labor (SAP Fieldglass)

For more information, visit:

Recent articles:

SAP Ariba

About Ariba

Ariba was founded in 1996 and acquired by SAP  in 2012. Previous Ariba acquisitions included Quadrem (B2B network), b-process (electronic invoicing), Freemarket, Procuri, Agile Software, and TRADEX.

For its Intelligent Spend Management cloud business portfolio, SAP also acquired SucccessFactors (2012), Concur (2014), Fieldglass (2014).

For more background information, see

Procurement Competitive Landscape

For an overview of the competitive landscape for procurement, see

SAP Ariba Solutions

Part of the Intelligent Spend Management suite of solutions, SAP Ariba itself is also defined as a suite of solutions, categorised under portfolios.

The portfolios are:

For more information, visit

Portfolio Solution Information
Supplier Management Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) data sheet
Supplier Risk data sheet
Strategic Sourcing Strategic Sourcing Suite data sheet
Sourcing data sheet
Spend Analysis data sheet
Contracts data sheet
Savings Pipeline and Tracking Add-on data sheet
Discovery for buyers data sheet
Start Sourcing data sheet
Network Ariba Network for Suppliers data sheet
Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) SCC for Buyers data sheet
SCC Forecast Add-on data sheet
SCC Inventory Add-on data sheet
SCC Quality Add-on data sheet
Procurement Buying & Invoicing (procure-to-pay) data sheet
Buying (procure-to-order) data sheet
Catalog data sheet
Operations Desk solution brief
Guided Buying information sheet
Spot Buy data sheet
Financial Supply Chain Invoice Management solution brief
Payables solution brief
Contract Invoicing solution brief
Discount Management
Platform Extension Studio
APIs data sheet
Integration SAP Ariba with SAP S/4HANA solution brief
Cloud Integration Gateway data sheet


SAP Press

SAP Press has published two titles on the topic of sourcing and procurement

SAP Training


The following openSAP courses related to SAP Ariba are available:

SAP Training

SAP Ariba trainings are provided as classroom instructor-led and through the SAP Learning Hub. To view Ariba-related training use the filter Area of interest = SAP Ariba or filter on software solution (note that not all Ariba solutions are prefaced with "SAP Ariba").

"Products" returned include classroom trainings, certifications, e-learnings, and training paths.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journey provide a path of recommended learnings. Consultant journeys include the path towards certification.

Learning Journey Training Certification
SAP Ariba Sourcing AR111, AR120, AR121, AR130, AR710 C_ARSOR
SAP Ariba Contracts AR211, AR231, AR710, AR711, AR820 C_ARCON
SAP Ariba Supplier Management AR310, AR320, AR330 C_ARSUM
SAP Ariba Spend Analysis AR410 C_ARSPE
SAP Ariba Procurement AR510, AR530, AR520, AR720, AR820 C_ARP2P
SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement - Buy Side AR540, AR610, AR910 C_ARCAT
SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement - Sell Side AR940 C_AR_SES
SAP Ariba Integration AR720, AR820 C_AR_INT
SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration AR930 C_ARSCC

SAP Learning Journeys on the SAP Help Portal


The following courses are currently available for Sourcing, Contracts, Supplier Management, Procurement, Integration, and the Network.

Course Training Days e-book
AR110 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events  1
AR111 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events & Managing Projects  2 16h
AR120 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Advanced Features - Part 1 1 4h
AR121 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Advanced Features - Part 2 1 4h
AR130 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Advanced Features 1 4h
AR130e SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Auctions -
AR210 SAP Ariba Contracts: Creating Contracts
AR211 SAP Ariba Contracts: Creating Contracts with Enhanced Contract Authoring 2 16h
AR231 SAP Ariba Contracts: Preparing Main Agreement Templates with Enhanced Contract Authoring 1 8h
AR310 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Supplier Performance Management Projects 2 16h
AR320 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Managing Supplier Information 1 8h
AR330 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Supplier Lifecycle Management 8h
AR410 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing: Spend Analysis 2 16h
AR510 SAP Ariba ProcurementBuying 2
AR520 SAP Ariba ProcurementContract Compliance 1
AR530 SAP Ariba ProcurementInvoicing
AR540 SAP Ariba ProcurementManaging and Maintaining Catalogs 2 16h
AR610 SAP Ariba ProcurementStandalone Catalogs 2 16h
AR710 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing: System Administration 1
AR711 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing: Workspace Template Administration 1 8h
AR720 SAP Ariba Procurement: Administration 2
AR810 Reporting in SAP Ariba Solutions 1 8h
AR820 SAP Ariba Integration: SAP Ariba Integration Points 1 8h
AR821 SAP Ariba Integration: Cloud Integration Foundations (previous release) -
TAR822 SAP Ariba Integration: Buyer Integration Academy
AR910 SAP Ariba Network: Enabling Catalogs
AR920 SAP Ariba Network: Planning and Executing Supplier Enablement for Buyers 2.5 20h
AR930e SAP Ariba Supply Chain: Supply Chain Collaboration - 16h
AR940 Ariba Network: Planning and Executing Supplier Enablement for Suppliers - 16h
TAR95e SAP Ariba Snap: Deployment Overview - 40h


For the latest information about certification, visit

Topic areas for each exam list the recommended trainings (see also the Learning Journey above).

For the list of all currently valid certifications, see https://training.sap.com/certification/validity

SAP Ariba Support

Support for SAP Ariba solutions is provided from SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba Customer Hub

A public resource with links to podcasts, road maps, webinars, and support sites:

SAP Ariba Exchange

User community site with FAQ and tutorials, and links to the Learning Center and Support Center (requires user account for full access):

SAP Ariba Connect

Support portal with product and support information (requires user account)


SAP Ariba Knowledge

Enterprise content management system (CMS), portal, search, and recommendation engine all in one, including links with support.ariba.com and connect.ariba.com:

SAP Support

The SAP Support Portal provides publicly available information. To access the product availability matrix and the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, an SAP Support account (S-user) is required.

Product Availability Matrix

The Product Availability Matrix (PAM) lists RTC (release to customer), GA (general available), and EMM (end of mainstream support) dates for on-premise SAP products. For SAP Ariba, this concerns  the suite integration products:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Product support lists knowledge base articles (KBA), documentation (SAP Help Portal), Guided Answers, Questions & Blogs from the SAP Community, and Download. Again, concerns the suite integration products:

Commonly used components (shortlist)

  • BNS-ARI-CI-AN (Ariba Network Integration)

  • BNS-ARI-CI-BUY (Ariba Procurement Integration)

  • BNS-ARI-CI-SRC (Ariba Sourcing Integration)

  • BNS-ARI-CI-FND (Ariba Integration Foundation for Common Tools)

  • BNS-ARI-SE (Suite Enablement for Ariba)

  • BNS-ARI-SE-FND (Foundation for Ariba Integration)

  • BNS-ARI-SE-ERP (Ariba Integration Add-On for ERP)

  • BNS-ARI-SE-SRM (Ariba Integration Add-On for SRM)

  • BNS-INT-ARI-MM (Ariba Integration with S/4HANA Materials Management)


SAP Help Portal

The SAP Help Portal provides access to What's New guides, getting started guides, installation and upgrade guides, administration and configuration guides, development guides, references, and end-user information, if applicable. This information is publicly available.

SAP Community

For blogs and question/answers on SAP Ariba topics, follow the "tags":


Social Media

The SAP Ariba YouTube channel provides mainly marketing-related material like event highlights, customer success stories, testimonials, but also a number of "quick tips" How-to videos. You can also connect to Ariba on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

SAP Help Portal

Ariba tutorials are also available from the SAP Help Portal.

SAP Ariba Learning Center

Ariba tutorials are also available from the Learning Center on the Ariba Exchange user Community:


For information about upcoming SAP Ariba Live events and for keynotes and presentations of past events, visit:

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Useful? Give us a like and share on social media.


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