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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
In this blog post I will be introducing the SAP Ariba Extensibility Samples repository that was just added in the SAP Samples organisation.

SAP Ariba Extensibility Samples repository

The goal of the SAP Ariba Extensibility Samples repository (https://github.com/SAP-samples/ariba-extensibility-samples/) is to create a one-stop source for SAP Ariba developers.

As a developer who is not familiar with SAP Ariba, the repo is the right place for you to get started. It contains links to publicly available content which will help you understand the SAP Ariba extensibility options available. The repository contains code samples so that you can get started extending the capabilities of SAP Ariba by using different programming languages, tools and/or SAP products available. You can also find a list of all the awesome content available related to SAP Ariba extensibility, e.g. videos, blog posts, webinars, courses etc.

As an SAP Ariba developer, I'm sure you will be able find something to expand your knowledge regarding the SAP Ariba extensibility options available.
This is a public repository and the idea is that anyone in the SAP Ariba Extensibility community can contribute to it.


The repo is divided in the following topics:

  • APIs: If interested in learning how to interact with the SAP Ariba API - apis. This topic includes code samples that you can use to communicate with the SAP Ariba APIs.

  • Connectivity with SAP Cloud Connector: cloud-connector

  • Integration with other SAP Products: Here we highlight how other SAP Products, e.g. SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, can be used to integrate with SAP Ariba - integrations

More topics/content will be added with time. As mentioned before, the idea is for anyone in the community to be able to contribute to the repo. For example, there is no chatbots topic at the moment. If you've developed a chatbot that interacts with SAP Ariba and you will like to share your code, so other developers can benefit from it, you can contribute your code to the repository. Which brings me to the next section of this post 🙂


Contributions to the repository are more than welcome. If you want to submit a fix or share a code sample you believe will benefit the SAP Ariba Extensibility community, feel free to submit a pull request so that it can be included in the repo.
📝Contributors will be asked to accept a Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) on submitting their first pull request to this project.

Now that you know what you can find in the repository. Go ahead and visit it. Star the repo if you want to be notified of any changes. Even better, fork the repo and submit your contributions.


Go visit the repo