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As you may have experienced first-hand through your day to day, there are lots of ways to get work done. As our customers grow and mature, they are looking at us to help them solve evolving business complexities. Which is how our newest module, SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management came about - born out of asset-intensive industries, like Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mining, and Manufacturing to name a few.

If you think about the nature of their business, companies in these industries have large plants, many gated as they're secure areas. Individuals badge in and out of these gates all day long, many of them being contractors or external workers. Sometimes thousands, at a single plant. Each plant has known, vetted suppliers in place, with negotiated rates by skill set. Based on that days maintenance activities, the appropriate contractors show up, execute the work that needs to be done, and head home for the day.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, behind this is many, many rates based on skill set (did they weld this morning or act as a pipefitter), perhaps different rates based on routine maintenance work vs a turnaround. Rounding rules based on when they actually entered the gate depending on what shift they're scheduled for that particular day. And maybe tracking time to not one PO or work order for that day, but maybe 30 different work orders. Now multiply this by 1000 contractors, and the need to have this all on a daily basis. It gets complex fast.

This is exactly where Assignment Management comes in. It's a complimentary module to Services Procurement and Contingent Workforce Management. But with gate pass integrations to automate time capture, a time engine to process those badge swipes and calculate working hours, automated rate enforcement, approvals, and integrations into your maintenance ecosystem, it really solves the complexities of this heavily nuanced maintenance environment.

SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management


Assignment Management made its debut in May 2021, with already a series of amazing enhancements added in November, including:

  • Time Keeper Dashboard providing a single place for the Time Keeper to manage daily activities, including addressing missing badge swipes, allocation of billable hours, and managing time exceptions.

  • Completing activities in bulk - including excel downloads/uploads to facilitate time correction and allocation via excel, where many Time Keepers are used to working today

  • Mass approvals, given the high volume of transactions that may be processed in a given day

  • Exception based workflows (ex: only route for approval if total hours is over x or if it has been manually edited by a Time Keeper)

Time Keeper Dashboard


Stay tuned for more innovations in this exciting space! Check out a quick demo or browse this Flipping Book to learn more about achieving cost savings goals, increasing worker capacity utilization, reducing EH&S penalties and more.