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If there’s one thing that has been constant since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, it’s change. From supply chain disruptions to increased demand for external workforce, from setting up our customers for success to delivering seamless end-to-end customer experience, from re-thinking the way companies conducted business to the way employees chose to work; many things changed overnight, and we still continue to feel the impact. Alongside, technologies also evolved and became more reliant for businesses to ensure business continuity. Keep up with our evolving technologies to manage your business, customers, suppliers, and people to deliver the outcome you need and grow your business as the economy continues to recover. Our networks, solutions, and processes are intelligent, innovative, and simple. Our customer-centric and people-focused strategy enables better control of the spend and provides visibility combined with delivering best-in-class user experience, capabilities, and insights.

In SAP TechEd 2021 Intelligent Suite Solutions and Processes Track, we have our experts bringing you some of the best resources and information that can help you make intelligent decisions. We have demos to show you how to actually use our app, use cases of some of the best examples of our apps and technology and we also provide you an opportunity to get any question you may have clarified.

Embark with us on a journey through 3 sub-tracks:

Customer Experience

Learn about our take on the ever-changing expectations and customer dynamics and how you can leverage this to your advantage by putting the customer in the very center of every single engagement - from handling context with customer data, interacting with commerce and sales and engaging with marketing and service solutions, to extending apps to best fit your customers' needs.

Tune into our lecture sessions to gain insights into the features of our recent acquisition Emarsys, familiarize yourself with the platform modernization of Sales and Service Cloud, and learn more about the mechanisms and capabilities we have in place to protect customer data:

ISP106 Lecture (30 min) Power True 1:1 Personalization with AI: SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement
ISP107 Lecture (30 min) Drive Customer Lifetime Value with SAP Emarsys Module for Loyalty
ISP110 Lecture (30 min) Integrate Marketing and Sales with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement
ISP205 Lecture (30 min) Learn What’s New in Customer Identity and Access Management Around Security
ISP301 Lecture (30 min) Explore Sales and Service Cloud Modernization – Monolith to Microservices

Take advantage of our workshop offerings:

  • Learn more about SAP Sales and Service Cloud in-app extensions and customization possibilities with the low code, no code tools of the Business Technology Platform

  • Get familiar with the features of the Customer Data Platform

  • Learn how to extend SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Explore the power and possibilities of the Extensibility Framework of SAP Upscale

ISP160 Workshop(2hr) Achieve Real-Time Customer Context with SAP Customer Data Platform
ISP260 Workshop(2hr) Get Hands-On Experience with SAP Upscale Commerce
ISP261 Workshop(2hr) Extend SAP Commerce Cloud Through Cloud Native Functions and Services
ISP360 Workshop(2hr) Look at Sales and Service Cloud In-App Extension and Customization Options

Spend Management

Learn how our strategy delivers high-quality, secure products and services focused on customer success. The SAP business network connects trading partners and ecosystem along all industry value chairs and manages every source of spend across categories, for one unified view.

Connected to Ariba Network, SAP Ariba solutions help companies manage direct and indirect spend by digitalizing and simplifying the source-to-pay processes end-to-end, control spending on direct and indirect materials, find new sources of savings, and build a healthy supply chain.

With SAP Fieldglass solutions, manage your external workforce and service providers throughout the entire lifecycle: from onboarding and invoicing, to milestones and project delivery, to secure off-boarding and quality review.

With SAP Concur’s Travel and Expense Solutions, capture and collect travel and expense data from virtually any purchase – so you can automate mundane tasks, deliver best-in-class user experiences, and make better business decisions.

ST101 Strategy Talk (15 min) Support Digital Transformation with Source to Pay
ISP100 Lecture (30 min) Discover Analytics, Machine Learning, and New Usability in Guided Sourcing
ISP101 Lecture (30 min) Understand Document and Tax Compliance for SAP Concur Solutions for Spend
ISP102 Breakout (15 min) Accelerate B2B Procurement with the New Intelligent Buying Experience
ISP104 Lecture (30 min) Learn a New Way to Get Work Done More Simply in the External Workforce
ISP105 Lecture (30 min) Increase Business Network Efficiency with Collaborative Visualization
ISP200 Lecture (30 min) Automate Procure to Pay with Ariba Network and SAP S/4HANA Integration
ISP302 Lecture (30 min) Use the Purchase Requisition PaaS API for Developer Extensibility
ISP360 Breakout (15 min) Look at Sales and Service Cloud In-App Extension and Customization Options


The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite puts people at the center of business. Gain new insights into how customers and partners are leveraging, integrating, and extending HXM, and using BTP to reach new heights for their employees and their customers.

ISP109 Lecture (30 min) Connect People Across the Intelligent Enterprise 
ISP202 Lecture (30 min) Integrate SAP SuccessFactors Solutions and Microsoft Azure Active Directory
ISP203 Lecture (30 min) Apply Standardized Integration Patterns for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions
ISP204 Lecture (30 min) Own the Employee Experience: Customizing with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

Tune in for Tech talk. Stay for Inspiration. Upskill your future:

So, if you want to learn new skills that can make an immediate impact on your organization and provide a long-term impact on your career then SAP TechEd is the right place for you!

This year we are offering the most accessible version of SAP TechEd ever. You will have full access to the SAP TechEd in 2021 event, including 48 hours of live content, various tech topic tracks, dozens of hands-on workshops and over 100 skill-building sessions for your learning.

Do not miss out and join us from the convenience of your own personal workspace for our 48-hour virtual tech event! Spend some time with us in November, and we will get you prepared with the skills, insight and know-how you need for success and growth in 2022. Register now on the SAP TechEd website and get a free seat at the table.

 Learn More:

  • Find more information on the official event webpage here and register now

  • Follow the links and find more info on the various tracks and sessions

  • Find answers to questions, blogs for inspiration and engage with experts on SAP Community 

Contributed by:

  • Jasmin El Idrissi-Lamghari

  • Cauvery Baliamada Suganda

  • Sam Rudolph