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The year is 2000. I am huddled up on a couch with my girlfriends on a Friday night, popcorn and drinks in hand. Our movie of choice for the night? Mel Gibson’s latest flick “What Women Want”. In it, Gibson’s brash character suddenly finds himself with the ability to hear what women are thinking. To be honest, the movie is kind of ‘meh’. But, (spoiler alert!) Gibson’s newfound superpower has him angling for a promotion at work and ultimately ending up with a newer, gentler perspective on life.

While none of us have the ability to read people’s minds, the movie does beg the question “what would we do if we could?” What would we change? What different actions would we take? Enter the new experience management (XM) capabilities of the SAP Fieldglass solution, a totally new way to re-evaluate the way you do business.

Put simply, our latest offering now gives customers the unique ability to leverage X-data & O-data to transform the way work gets done.

So what does this mean and how does it work? For decades, companies have had two very segregated data sets.

  • X-data, or experience data, allows businesses to solicit feedback to better understand why things are happening the way that they are.

  • O-data, or operational data, offers insight into a company’s day-to-day business to better understand what is going on.

When viewed in isolated silos, it’s nearly impossible for a business to wrap its arms around trends, outliers, and areas of impact.  However, When X & O data are powered together, businesses can start to achieve tremendous progress.

Let’s break this down with a hypothetical, yet very real-world example, that is now within reach with the latest release of SAP Fieldglass.

  • Jane, an HR Executive, has just received her quarterly reports looking at supplier trends related to their external workforce.

  • She notices that her team opened thirty new requisitions in the last three months, but only ten of them have been filled.

  • Furthermore, the pipeline of candidates for the unfilled requisitions is slim. Suppliers have sent very few people over for her hiring managers to review.

The report is significant, but offers very little insight into the why. Why is this happening?

Using the latest XM enhancements of SAP Fieldglass, Jane instructs her team to implement two new supplier surveys into their workflow. Her team configures the quick, one-question surveys at the appropriate points in the process. The surveys ask suppliers: “Does this requisition have adequate & qualified information?” and “Does the rate range line up with what you are seeing in the market?”

Let’s fast forward to two months later, after Jane’s team has implemented these new supplier surveys.

  • Jane receives the same report she had previously, except this time the data is combined with feedback from her suppliers.

  • The trends she sees are similar to two months ago. Lots of unfilled requisitions and a limited number of candidates.

  • Beneath this data she notices that many suppliers have called out that the rate ranges her company is offering are far lower than what they are seeing in the market.

  • The pandemic has instigated workers to seek higher wages, and Jane’s company doesn’t seem to be meeting the demand.

A lightbulb goes off for Jane. In order to receive qualified candidates, she needs to immediately re-evaluate her company’s rate cards. Customers can now configure “just in time” surveys across various points in the SAP Fieldglass workflow to solicit feedback and gain better insights. Combine that with the tremendous amount of O-data that already lives in your SAP Fieldglass and HR platforms, your business becomes unstoppable.

In summary, while we can’t offer you the superpower ability to read minds like Mel Gibson could in What Women Want, we think we can help you elevate your business by better understanding the unique needs of your user communities. The new XM capabilities from SAP Fieldglass give customers the unique opportunity to learn, quickly adjust, and thrive in today’s fast-moving economy.

P.S. This amateur movie critic says skip the Mel Gibson movie and opt for Love Actually or The Holiday this holiday season.