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My SC is struck in workflow approval and I don't know how to check it...My PO goes to the wrong approver and I don’t know where to see....Workflow problem..errrr.. I don’t know how to check it..

If this sounds familiar to you, read on to know a little bit about how to troubleshoot workflow problems in SRM --

-- Workflow processes in SRM are grouped by the procurement document i.e. PO/SC etc.

-- BBP_PD transaction can be used to get a basic overview of the workflow steps involved for a particular purchasing document. In BBP_PD,  workflow items are provided under the header -- “Workflow Item:”. Here you will get brief information related to the workflow. You can find the workflow agents(approvers), users, state , created at , finished at and some other relevant information.

-- If you want to see the details related to the workflow of any purchasing document, use transaction SWI6.

-- In SWI6, use the object type (business object type) and object ID (purchasing document number) to see the workflow details related to that document. Use Object Type Category as BOR Object Type.

--Once inside SWI6 you can see overview of all workflow steps for this document. In the current data section , all the workflow steps can be seen , and these steps have hyperlinks. So if you click on any of them, it leads you to further information related to that step.

-- Inside SWI6, you can select the workflow and click on the ‘display workflow log’ at the top in the menu bar.

-- After clicking the ‘display workflow log’ button, the new screen will have an even more detailed information on the steps involved in that workflow. Here you can find some more details related to workflow, you can see workflow agents and workflow objects for the purchasing document.

-- In front of every step of the workflow, there are two buttons which can be used to see the details and the graphical representation of the workflow steps. A third button is available for steps which involve an agent.

-- If you want to see more details related to any workflow step, select any step and click on the button “List with technical details’ at the top. Keyboard shortcut – Shft+F9.

-- Inside the technical details you can see the details of the workflow step, step history , deadlines, task description , container , message .

-- If you want to check the data that was passed to the workflow step, navigate to the container tab. Here you will find the container containing all the data involved in processing of this workflow step.

Hope this helps …. Play around inside SWI6 to understand more ..

P.S. -- These steps apply to troubleshooting of both application controlled and process controlled workflows.

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