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I believe most of you are already aware of deleting entries in normal tables. However I will repeat this again in this blog:

1, go to se16 to display the table(For example VENMAP which is allowed for maintenance)

2, double click the entry to display it;
3, write /h in the command field and press Enter on your keyboard;

4, press Enter again to access debug mode, and change 'code' field to 'DELE';

5, 'Delete Entry' button is shown and you may delete this inconsistent entry.

However this method is only working fine for tables which are allowed for maintenace.
What about table with read-only access? Such as HRV1222A. Let me show you an example how to delete the entry in such tables.

If you encountered the following error while editing attributes in user settings, it means that you have inconsistency entries in table HRV1222A.

For attribute 'SCENARIO', it should never have entries with object S. The only way to solve this is to delete the entry in table HRV1222A.
But it is read-only table, and the method above is not working for it.

We also tried to create Z-report using SQL statement to delete such entries, but still failed.

So the only possible way is to delete the entry in the linked table. For HRV1222A, it is linked with HRP1222 and HRT1222.

For HRP1222, it is linked with too many attributes for the same object, so this should not be deleted.
For HRT1222, there is only one entry linked to same object and same attribute 'SCENARIO'.

So deleting the corresponding entry in HRT1222 is enough. After this, the corresponding entry in HRV1222A will also be deleted.

Do you have any opinion on this? Welcome to share your experience with me!