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With the SAP Ariba 2105 release, planned for May 21st, SAP is launching a new feature that allows customers to approve and edit invoices within their Guided Buying environment. Look at the details below!

As always, the full general availability (GA) release scope for the Ariba applications (including above mentioned features) will be communicated via the release readiness notification (to subscribe: see FAQ) and the Release Readiness page on Ariba Connect three weeks before release.

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here ... you can edit and approve your invoices in Guided Buying!

Guided Buying now offers a simplified, one-stop-shop, more efficient invoicing experience for most types of invoices by eliminating the need to navigate between two separate solutions. You can now edit and approve non-PO and PO-based invoices natively in Guided Buying without being redirected to SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing.

Take a look:

To-Do List


You can create your own invoice (think about how simple the Non-PO invoice process becomes):

Non-PO Invoice Creation


... with accounting data and details visible without extra clicking!

Line Level Details


The reconciliation process continues as usual in SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing after they’re approved.

Here's some Key Benefits that can help you decide on adopting this feature:

  • The new screens on the Guided Buying platform provide the casual user, who has to edit and approve invoices, an intuitive, simplified user experience

  • Invoicing users can now leverage the Guided Buying capability offerings, such as seamless navigation, error display palette and policy engine support

  • Ability for the customer to configure the size of Invoices (No. of lines) that are displayed in Guided Buying, for both PO and Non-PO Invoices

  • Back-end integration ensures invoices are searchable both across Buying&Invoicing and Guided Invoicing screens and reportable in the core engine of SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing.

Before you get started on your adoption journey, I want to share a few helpful comments:

  • At this time, only INV documents are supported - If you're currently only using IR's, make sure you think about all the possible implications of changing some of your processes

  • Credit memos, debit memos, service invoices, contract invoices, and summary (multi-PO) invoices can only be edited and approved in your SAP Ariba B&I solution

  • Considering the above, and that there are several administration tasks and configurations necessary to correctly leverage this functionality, I strongly recommend you to refer to the Release guide and contact your Customer Success teams for additional details

I hope you  are excited as we are and found the above helpful.

Guided Invoicing is a great tool to unlock more adoption from your SAP Ariba Procurement solutions!

Feel free to share a comment below!