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While, addressing Contract Generation messages over the past year I took a step back and noticed an emerging pattern with issues pertaining to the configuration area.  Please, note the following checklist.

Checklist Document for Contract Generation

1)      Upload a simple text document as clause document and check if it works.  This will generally tell you if all of Contract Generation is affected or if it is affecting just specific documents.

2)      If you are  not able to do this successfully, then see section 1.0

3)      If the wordservice is working fine but the clause still doesn’t upload, then

4)      Go to the wordservice machine

5)      Go to C:\fci\logs and get the latest log file

6)      Scroll to the very end of the file and look for the following:

7)      If the error has one of the following statements:

a.       “remote procedure call failed”

b.      “HKEY CLASS ID”

c.       “Exception from HRESULT: 0x8001010A” etc

It might be related to Microsoft Word issues. See Section 4.0

😎      If the logs have errors related to permissions then it could be permissions setup for OfficeAutomationUser for which you need to check DCOMCNFG settings. Refer Section 5.0

Section 1.0  Checklist to ensure that the wordservice is up and running

a.       Login to the wordservice machine as OfficeAutomationUser

b.      Open IIS

c.       Click websites and select wordservice. Select the wordservice.asmx from the content view.

d.      Right click and select browse.

e.      The wordservice should be working fine. Else see section 2.0

Section 2.0  Config Issues checklist

a.       The wordservice page should tell you the nature of the error.

b.      If it is related to user logon or password then it might be issue with the password for the Office Automation user. Then, do section 3.0

Section 3.0 OfficeAutomationUser password issues.

a.       Go to wordservice installation directory (mostly c:\inetpub\wwroot\Wordservice)

b.      Open the web.config

c.       Copy the xml from the identity section (These details are there in the installation guide too)

d.      Then paste in the web.config file that found in the MachineDPAPI directory

e.      Change the username to OfficeAutomationUser with the domain name and the correct password

f.        Run the aspnet command in the Visual studio command prompt

g.       Now check the wordservice link from IIS again to verify it worked

Section 4.0 Microsoft Word Issues

a.       Check if you are able to open Microsoft Word properly

b.      No pop-ups should be there

c.       You should be able to create and save a document properly

d.      Go to task manager check under processes (select show processes for all users) and see if WINWORD.exe is running.

e.      End the process

f.        Go to IIS and click on the wordservice link and then check task manager again.

g.       WINWORD.exe should be present

h.      Upload a clause.

i.         If you still see the same errors in the logs then you might need to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Word

j.        Make sure you use the OfficeAutomationUser when you reinstall MS Word.

k.       Make sure that MS Word is activated by going to help page.

l.         After reinstalling check for fci.xsd (schema) in Microsoft Word (details in Installation guide).  Also make sure that there are no message/dialog boxes showing when you launch MS Word

Section 5.0 Permission issue with launching Microsoft Word

1.       Make sure that the following folders are created in your system.



2.       Verify if permissions are given to all the users in the DCOMCNFG as given in the installation document.

If, there is still an issue then provide us a screen shot of permissions given to each of the below user  under Launch and Activation and Access Permissions

Console Root->Component Services->Computers->My Computer and right-click Properties.








Sara Noy

NOTE: For, more information on how to obtain Contract Generation logs, please reference this link below: