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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Final sprint to register for CEI projects on influence.sap.com

Over 450 customers and partners registered already for the second (of three) cycles of the SAP Customer Enagement Initiative (CEI) in 2021. If you are a customer or partner and not among them, you've got about 33 more hours to

You can also go on influence.sap.com and set the relevant filters according to products, industries, regions, or influence opportunities. Choose "INNOVATE", which is the initial and earliest starting point in the Customer Influence Lifecycle, and you'll receive a list of all 42 CEI projects open for registration. In the project description, you can find out more on what the project is about, when the project is planned to start (most are targeted for end of July, some later), what the planned activities are.

In case you are worried about the time invest of yet another virtual meeting, these are some of the benefits you can expect:

You can:

  1. Get in touch with SAP developers to learn more about what is planned, about new technology, new features, and get new overall insights on product roadmaps and planned deliveries.

  2. Exchange with developers and give feedback about what you would expect, what you would need, what you would prefer, how you will use it, why you can't use it, why a different angle/direction would be more beneficial for you and your company.

  3. Learn from other customers and/or partners about how they are using the software and what their use cases and best practices or goals are.

  4. Join forces with other customers and/or partners who may have similar needs so that your requirements may have a higher chance to be prioritized.

  5. Build and extend your network to talk shop about your areas of interest.

Convinced? Then ready - steady - go!