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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi There,

As a Fieldglass Product Adoption Executive in Australia – I manage a portfolio of 10-15 customers at any one point in time. Each customer is different with different program goals, operational, organisational or regulatory constraints.


The purpose of these blog posts is to highlight opportunities for customers to drive more value creation out of using the Fieldglass application or improve the user experience for your audiences. The Features we’ll discuss should be of interest to most customers – no matter the program type or geographical region.


Each update will contain information on 1 specific feature (or group of features with a topic in common) that should be of interest and that if you are not currently using – are probably not aware of.


Today we’re talking email digest. Every program consists of high volume users – users with many documents to manage (work orders or SOW’s), many timesheets to approve, many activity items to mark as complete. (and lets be honest - mostly complaining that they receive too many emails from Fieldglass!!)


We know that the user can manage their notification settings via the top right hand corner of the application (the blue circle with your initials and selecting my preferences) to turn on or off emails. But did you know there’s a summary function? - Email digest


What does it do: Email digest functionality provides the perfect middle ground of notification settings for high volume users. Via user preferences, user’s can select to be notified by email each time there is a new approval required or not at all. However by turning on the email digest – the users will only receive a summarised listing of all items requiring their approval or notifications, summarised in a single email, delivered at the same time each day. (removing the barrage of emails each time an item requires their attention or notification)


Why should it be of interest:  Via turning on the Email digest  the user will receive a single email each day and be alerted if they need to take any action within the application reducing email volume and complaints from users about too many emails being generated from Fieldglass. It provides a perfect alternative to suggesting they turn off their email notifications > UX of super users is enhanced, without causing significant increases in cycle times from managers not being aware of action required to be taken from them.


Effort to implement – super easy

Effort to test – easy

Benefits to business – medium > especially to high volume managers

Benefits to suppliers – yes that’s right!!  supplier users can also configure digest




  1. Via admin>company details – check if your company config is enabled for “enable email digest”. (if not, raise a service request for you to have it turned on)

check on your company details to see if its already enabled as part of your company configuration

     2. Once it’s enabled in company config it’s up to the individual user to update on their preferences (for this reason I’d suggest creating a simple quick reference guide and saving in the admin reference library for users to refer or be guided to, and or a homepage announcement periodically)

    1. Blue circle in top right hand corner of the application with your initials

    2. My preferences>messaging

  • From here you have the option to set up 1 or 2 digests.

        1. Notifications – to get a summary of all notifications received within a day, check that notifications email box is selected, select the notification digest and the time of day to be received

View of user preferences and how individual user enables

                                 2. Work item digest – to get a summary of all work items, select the digest to be                                      delivered once or twice a day and the time to be delivered

          1. Send email approval – if you have actionable emails turned on, by selecting send email approval = yes, the actionable emails details will  sent on an individual basis  as well as being included in the digest, giving the manager the flexibility to continue to approve items via email if that’s convenient, and receive the digest of all combined daily work items. If the send email approval is set to no, they will no longer receive the actionable emails, and receive just the digest – furter reducing their email volume, but still being notified on a daily basis of any new work items

setting up work item digest


I hope this has highlighted a new tool in your arsenal of options to maximise the UX for your user community. In my opinion this is one of those tools that's super easy to enable and can add a lot of value to the users - especially those high volume users / approvers.

However - bear in mind that it's quite often those high volume users that are most pushed for time and may have little appetite in messing around with their configuration - so this may be one of those instances where it's worth the effort for someone in the PMO to pro-actively reach out to those high volume users and offer that little bit of additional support to set up for them. It's things like these that make a big impact to the super users and quite often can impact a programs NPS or the amount of negative noise coming from the super users.


Thoughts?? comment below and let me know!