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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As I’m doing the rounds talking with customers of their current challenges,  there’s a consistent theme – a lack of candidates. The next few updates will be looking to address some of the features available in Fieldglass that you can utilise to tackle this challenge– to make sure you’re getting the most value and leveraging Fieldglass as much as possible to overcome the current candidate shortage.


Today is a simple one – but we’re talking existing candidates and the Potential Candidates feature.


What does it do:

Potential Candidates provides enabled users visibility of recent job seekers or workers associated to job postings utilising the same job code as the job posting at hand. Enabled via a user role permission, when enabled users with this role permission will see a summary of potential candidates when creating or when a job posting is in submitted status. The potential candidates are those based on the job code of the job posting and categorised into 4 groups.

Active job seekers (job seeker status is open + job seeker submitted in past 4 months)

Active Workers (open worker during the past 4 months)

Worker reaching end date (open worker who is currently within the configured alert threshold for end date)

Workers in talent pool (record established or revised within past 12 months + record isn’t closed


Why should it be of interest:

Sometimes what you are looking for is right under your nose. Potential Candidates provides a prompt to the teams highlighting existing workers, contingent alumni or open job seekers who may be suitable for the role to augment or replace your go-to market strategy. Potentially saving you both time and money.


Effort to implement –super easy.

Effort to test  – super easy

Benefits to business – Potentially saving you both time and money




Super easy – nothing to do except enable in the user role provisioning.


UI screenshots:

Creating a job posting: Provisioned user will now see the yellow banner below highlighting potential existing job seekers, workers, workers nearing end date and working in talent pool when creating a job posting:


Then on drilling down into one of the categories users will see potential candidate details, able to drill down and also send message directly to relevant parties



Alternatively, once a job posting has been submitted you are still able to review this suggested pool (Perhaps you haven’t sourced the quality for the market you were hoping for)


User role permission – to be able to view potential candidate’s modal window


How is your program tackling the war for talent and utilising Fieldglass to get the edge on your competitors in sourcing talent?