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Hi Everybody,

As the Product Management team for SAP Ariba integration solutions, we walked through the final validation of the new add-on for SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway last week. It was an exciting moment, and we’d like to share our impressions with you.

Unlike with earlier SAP Ariba cloud integration solutions, this add-on is delivered through SAP Service Marketplace, and all documentation is available on the SAP Help Portal: that’s the first advantage that impressed us deeply. The way documentation looks and its easy accessibility is highly appealing, and it also contains all the information customers need for a successful and fast implementation – including an installation guide, an overview guide, a configuration guide, a migration guide, and a how-to guide!

Here’s the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway page on the SAP Help Portal:


Next was the great download and installation experience, which really doesn’t require much explanation; SAP download and installation tools are well-known and work seamlessly. The add-on is lightweight and the installation procedure went fast and smooth. Here’s the download from SAP Service Marketplace:




An additional advantage of delivering the add-on through the SAP standard development process is that it’s now produced as an official SAP software component, which includes all the benefits of regular support packages, the correction process through SAP Notes, and preliminary correction instructions.

Even better, all configurations are now available through the SAP Implementation Guide (transaction SPRO), as you can see here:


Not only are SAP Ariba-specific configurations made available through it, but the SAP Basis features and tools can be easily accessed from there as well. The example below shows how to reach NAST configuration:


However, what we liked best was the simplified and automated setup of communication settings. With a single click, all configurations for communicating through SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway can be created. This saves many repeated steps caused by the error-prone setup of communication channels such as web service proxies through the SOA Manager. Take a look:


With these excellent tools, it took us only a few hours to get the main business processes for SAP Ariba Commerce Automation through Ariba Network and to configure SAP Ariba Buying solutions. Bottom line: this package is a huge move by SAP Ariba cloud integration to accelerate customer implementation projects.

Stay tuned, visit us at SAP Ariba Live in Las Vegas and Amsterdam to learn more, and start taking advantage of this game-changing solution today!