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I'm all about online shopping, even more so nowadays (my husband can vouch for this….), so why not shop for some software online as well?!? Although it won't show up in an Amazon box on your front porch, the SAP App Store offers some really impressive software solutions, a pleasant shopping experience, and may even save you some money by giving you your shopping fix!

SAP definitely provides a comprehensive portfolio for just about any business process, but there are some really interesting niche and specialty providers out there, that dare I say it, may tackle certain problems better than we do. If you can't beat them, join them! Or make them partners. In addition to productized integrations across the SAP portfolio, SAP Fieldglass is delivering seamless integrations with digital solution providers to help customers transform how they engage and manage the external workforce. All of these are available on the SAP Store, an online marketplace where customers can discover, try, and buy solutions from SAP and our trusted partners.

So what's the benefit of engaging with these featured partners, rather than finding some on your own? Three major reasons why:

  1. Maximize your investment - Get the most out of your program, and technology, by extending it

  2. Continue to Evolve - the world is changing and your program is changing. The issues you addressed during an implementation probably aren't the same issues that your business is facing today.

  3. Peace of Mind - the available partners solutions have passed a standard readiness check to ensure they meet SAP requirements and compliance criteria. These integrations have already been defined and packaged up, so you don't have to.

Now when you think of SAP Fieldglass, your mind may go straight to sourcing talent. I'm not just talking about Talent Pool solutions, which there are some pretty great ones out there, but ecosystem extensions across the entire Source to Pay lifecycle.

Do you struggle with sourcing services?
Globality’s AI Platform integrate with SAP Fieldglass by using AI to suggest potential suppliers and  natural language processing to create a smart brief. From there the SOW is automatically created in SAP Fieldglass for collaboration with the supplier and ongoing management.

Do you need to verify contractor certifications?
A common ask that is popping up around the globe. U-Verify does automatic analysis of external worker's documentation, powered by machine learning. As contractors or external workers are onboarded, the appropriate party can be notified to upload the required documentation. Rapid analysis of these documents detects inconsistencies and in tern alerts the appropriate parties of the issue.

Would you like a more diverse workforce?
Daivergent provides a talent pool of exceptional autism and neurodiverse talent for contingent and contract roles. Using a multi-channel distribution approach, job requisitions created in SAP Fieldglass can be sent to Daivergent to match against the vetted talent pool. Potential candidates route back to SAP Fieldglass, providing the hiring manager one centralized place to view all candidates.

Do you struggle with filling on demand needs?
WillHire OnDemand is a simple mobile app which enables organizations to fill high turnover, immediate need roles within minutes, not hours or days. The talent pool is pre-vetted and pre-background checked to enable matching to the job requirements. Quickly.

Would you like to automate the candidate matching/resume review process?
Using AI, SniperAI brings automation of the screening, sourcing and scheduling process which ultimately saves tremendous time and reduces the manual efforts of recruiters. As candidates are submitted to open job requisitions, SniperAI uses NLP to parse and screen resumes, providing a suitability score for the hiring manager.

Do you need identity verification?
Go beyond just a background check with Daego. Automate the background check process as external workers are brought on board, via an integration with SAP Fieldglass. Daego also provides document verification to check the authenticity and biometric screenings via selfies to help protect your organization against fraud attempts.

Do your suppliers need to get paid faster?
Who doesn't? Qwil is a payments and liquidity platform that helps suppliers get paid as soon as their invoices are approved, regardless of net billing terms. By integrating Qwil’s solution with SAP Fieldglass, it enables MSPs/clients to easily provide a financing solution to their suppliers.

These are just a handful of the over 30 digital partners for SAP Fieldglass alone. Easily search on any solution or problem you have to see what other solution extensions are available to help take your program to the next level. It's almost as easy as that Amazon box showing up on your doorstep.