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When we look at any customers landscape you will finds systems and applications that are built and supported by different vendors and programming languages.

These systems cannot leave in silos and require integration; web services is one of the open standard available to integrate with disparate systems.

In this blog I would like to provide step-by-step guide on how to consume a web service from e-sourcing application.

To consumer a web service you will need following from a provider system (Web service Provider).

  1. WSDL


   2.  Endpoint


   3.  Client Library, generated from WSDL

          WSDL2Java tools.

          Axis provides one such tool , but you can go for any WSDL2Java tool.



Once client jar file is generated, you need add all custom jar file required (client jar file and axis jar files) to consume the web service using process described in


You can find sample code how to consume a webservice using Axis API in below link