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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Through the Integration workstreams of the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council program we help customers build the Intelligent Enterprise by integrating SAP applications. Last year we helped customers onboard onto SAP Cloud Platform Integration and SAP Cloud Connector. Through the program, it allowed us to create the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Onboarding Tutorial and SAP Cloud Connector Tutorial. (Access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support is required for these tutorials.)

Customers can listen to the Program Kick-off session to discover the value proposition for various topic areas. Also you can access the program and find us in the SAP Discovery Center.

In 2020 we want to build upon our content to enable customers to expand their knowledge in SAP Cloud Platform Integration by providing best practices, security and monitoring content. Afterwards we want to help customers implementing specific cloud-to-cloud and SAP to third-party integration scenarios.

The current Integration workstreams in the SAP ESAC program this year are:

  • Third party integration using SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

  • Cloud to Cloud Integration – SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Cloud to Cloud Integration – SAP SuccessFactors - SAP Fieldglass

  • Cloud Interface Management

  • Cloud Deployment Readiness for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

In the Third party integration using SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors workstream, we focused on the use of Open Connectors with SAP Cloud Platform Integration to accelerate third-party connectivity. We have developed a specific integration scenario integrating with MS SharePoint, however other third-party integration scenarios can be considered.

The scenario between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales/Service Cloud (formerly Cloud for Customer) could be utilized to integrate business processes between the two applications, for example the creation of leads in SAP Sales Cloud from an e-mail campaign triggered in SAP Marketing Cloud or the creation of a central view of contacts and accounts across marketing and sales. Furthermore, we want to help customers to enrich operational data (O-data) from SAP with a feedback process in the Qualtrics XM Platform to react properly to a particular situation through the integration of Qualtrics Surveys and SAP Marketing Cloud.

The scenario between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass can be used to support the recruiting of contingent labour to support the hire-to-retire business process.

Also we are piloting remote services for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The CQC for Cloud Deployment Readiness Check for SAP Cloud Platform Integration service is to support the overall quality of your integration landscape by focusing on your SAP Cloud Platform service Integration tenant. During the service, SAP remotely reviews the solution configuration for potential risks and provides recommendations in line with SAP's Best Practices.

Areas reviewed include:
- Settings for your SAP Cloud Platform Integration service tenant and SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity
- Security Settings
- Occurrence of errors
- Monitoring Settings
- Release of related on-premise tools (e.g.: SAP Cloud Connector)

Finally through the Cloud Interface Management workstream, we are continuing to pilot a new cloud part of the CQC Interface Management service through the ESAC program. The cloud applications in scope are SAP Marketing and Commerce Cloud using SAP Cloud Platform Integration. If you are aware of a customer with issues with an integration scenario relating to the above cloud applications, please contact us to register the customer as a pilot customer for the new Cloud IFM service. This blog provides more details.

If you are interested in any of the workstreams, please follow up through the missions in the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center or mail us at esac@sap.com.

Thanks and Regards,


Integration Lead - SAP Enterprise Support