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Ariba Network suppliers can now specify a period for retaining transaction documents on the network


Since the February 2021 release, suppliers now have the ability to specify the retention period for transaction documents. Ariba Network account administrators can choose to opt in for data deletion, which means that any transaction document older than the specified retention period are subject to deletion every month.

This is beneficial for suppliers who may need to delete old transactions based on regulatory needs in their countries or business requirements in their organizations. If you choose to not opt in for data deletion, documents aren’t deleted. It is important to note that when a document is deleted, it cannot be restored. This means you can't search for a deleted document or perform any more actions related to it.

Buyers and suppliers maintain their own data retention period. Each document is part of a larger document tree, a sequence of related documents sent between the buyer and supplier (for example, purchase order, order confirmation, ship notice, receipt, invoice, and so on). When all documents in a particular tree are older than the specified data retention period, only then are they ready to be deleted. If any document in a tree is not older than the data retention period, the entire tree is retained.

On the first day of each month, the system identifies any document trees that are older than the number of months you specified. The identified document trees are then deleted permanently within one month of being identified.

Configure data retention period via these steps:

  • Ensure you have account admin rights or the Transaction Data Deletion Configuration permission

  • Go to your user settings, then account settings

  • Navigate to Data Deletion Criteria


  • Check the box for Opt in for data deletion

  • Enter the number of months after which the system automatically deletes transaction documents

  • Save to save changes

View the product documentation to learn more.