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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Ariba Network has both free and subscription accounts for suppliers, to suit different needs and priorities. This article will outline the different account types, as well as provide detail into the fee structure and what you can expect on your invoice if you have an Ariba Network enterprise account.

Ariba Network, standard account: the free supplier account

The standard account is our free account for suppliers - it is always free, no matter how many documents you transact or what your transaction volume is. With a standard account, you can:

  • Receive purchase orders

  • Send invoices

  • Track invoice and payment status

  • Respond to sourcing events and collaborate on contracts

  • Self-enabled catalogs

While you have access to the Ariba Network supplier portal, you will receive purchase orders through email. This email notification is also what you would reference to create and send an invoice to your customer.

Ariba Network, enterprise account: paid subscription tiers

The enterprise account includes everything the standard account has to offer, with additional capabilities such as:

  • Supplier-managed catalogs

  • ERP integration and automation

  • RFP responses through SAP Ariba Discovery

  • Access to supplier enablement specialists for onboarding

Enterprise account suppliers can manage their purchase orders and invoices right from the Ariba Network supplier portal. This document management capability is helpful if you have a large number of transactions or multiple customers on the network.

Understanding enterprise account fees

Your enterprise account fees are comprised of:

  • Subscription fees - this is a set annual amount based on your subscription tier (more below)

  • Transaction fees - this is a percentage of the value of your POs or Invoices, whichever is higher. The percentage .155% for regular transactions and .35% if you use service entry sheets.

It's important to note that, having an enterprise account doesn't mean that you automatically incur fees. You only incur fees when you transact more than 4 documents (5 or more) and the value of those documents exceed $50,000USD. Transaction fee caps are also in place to limit fees paid on high-value transactions and customer relationships.

Once your account is eligible to be billed (i.e. you cross the threshold mentioned above), you will receive an invoice on a quarterly basis. You will be billed in advance for your next quarterly period (as applicable) of Ariba Network usage on the basis of your actual Ariba Network usage during your prior billing period.

Fees and transaction caps may vary by region, make sure to review the fee schedule for region for accurate information.

Enterprise account tiers

There are 4 enterprise account tiers: Premium, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The levels are based on the number of documents you transact, and capabilities you need. You don't have to upgrade your tier as your usage grows, your account automatically adjusts to the tier that fits your needs.

Learn more about Ariba Network accounts and subscriptions on this page here.