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Product and Topic Expert
Below are frequently asked questions about the improved supplier onboarding experience for trading relationship request invitations and the new supplier portal and workbench, which are part of the 2Q21 release of Ariba Network.

Q: What is SAP Business Network?

A: SAP Business Network is a cloud-based collaboration offering that can help you transform disconnected supply chains into unified, collaborative, and intelligent networks that remove barriers and centralize data.

With a unified network, you can connect to all trading partners through a single directory, collaborate using shared data and workflows, and apply network-wide intelligence to guide decisions to adapt and improve your business.


Q: Is SAP Business Network a new or different network? Is it owned/run by a different team than Ariba?

A: No; SAP Business Network is the new solution name for the trading partner portal all Ariba Network suppliers are being transitioned to as part of SAP’s unified network vision. The transaction network behind the portal remains branded with Ariba, and remains operated by Ariba Inc. (a wholly owner subsidiary of SAP SE based out of Germany).

Q: What exactly is renamed to SAP Business Network and what stays Ariba Network?

A: Two supplier experiences are renamed as SAP Business Network: the TRR invitation-based onboarding for an enterprise account, and the supplier portal home page and workbench for all enterprise and standard accounts. All other network experiences remain branded with Ariba Network or Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration with the 2Q21 release.

Q: Will the supplier login page change?

A: No, not in terms of how login to the network functions. Only the brand name on the login page changes from Ariba to SAP.

Q: Do my network login credentials change?

A: No, all supplier users can continue to use their Ariba Network user credentials, or use “forgot password” to reset.

Q: Will my ANID change?

A: No, the name change with the 21Q2 release will not change the supplier’s network account ANID.

Q: Do I need to sign a different/new ToU?

A: No, the new trading partner portal for SAP Business Network is released as a feature enhancement of Ariba Network, and therefore the existing Terms of Use (ToU) remains in force, and covers all usage of the new trading partner portal services.

Q: Do my Data Privacy Policy rights change?

A: No, the new trading partner portal for SAP Business Network is released as a feature enhancement of Ariba Network, and therefore the existing DPP remains in force, and covers data processing and usage of the new trading partner portal services.

Q: Does my Ariba Network supplier subscription change?

A: No, there is no change to the existing standard and enterprise (premium/bronze/silver/gold/platinum) packages. All fee schedules remain as before.

Q: Why is the SAP Business Network name only on two of the portal pages?

A: The SAP Business Network solution name is only on the new network pages as these new pages showcase the innovations we are introducing with SAP Business Network. As more innovations are released that extend to deeper parts of the network, the name SAP Business Network will appear on additional pages.

Q: Do I need to re-establish buyer relationships on SAP Business Network? 

A: No, there are no changes to any customer relationships nor will it change how you transact with your customer on the network

Q: Are all of my buyer customers automatically on SAP Business Network? 

A: Yes, any customer you transacted with over the Ariba Network is also on SAP Business Network

Q: What is a trading partner? 

A: Trading partner is any organization that can connect and transact on the network. It can refer to suppliers/sellers as well.

Q: Will the move to SAP Business Network impact the hierarchy of my organizational accounts with Ariba Network?

A: No, there are no changes to your accounts or your organizational hierarchy. 

Q: Do I need to create a new account on SAP Business Network?

A: No, you do not need to create a new account on SAP Business Network. There are no changes to your existing Ariba Network account, and you can continue to log-in using your credentials as per normal.

Q: Why am I still seeing the classic portal after the new supplier portal is has been released?

A: This is part of the roll out strategy (not a defect). We'll be rapidly increasing the number of transitioned supplier accounts within a few weeks following the 2105 release, based on the portal page load and API performance metrics. By default, all net-new created accounts will see the new supplier portal (instead of classic), for enterprise and standard account.

Q: Why am i seeing a "back to classic" button, but my portal view is the classic portal?

A: What you are seeing is the result of the new menu release separate from the portal rollout that started May 21st. It is not a defect, and those suppliers that currently only see the new menu will as announced be transitioned in phases to the new portal with workbench, with last phase completion planned by end of June.


  • On 5/21 the new menu [NS-7561] was released to all buyers and all supplier accounts. This menu replaces inbox/outbox with orders, fulfillment, invoices, and changes associated permissions. This change also includes a “back to classic view” button, so a user can revert to the old menu with inbox/outbox for the duration of the session. Release documentation here.

  • On 5/21 we also accelerated the phased rollout of the new supplier portal [SA-9251] to select supplier accounts initially, with complete rollout to all suppliers planned by end of June. The new portal includes the new menu, as well as a new search bar, new tile bar, widgets, and workbench, and carries the SAP Business Network solution name. And it provides the same “back to classic” button, so a user can revert to the old menu and the old network home page (without workbench). Release documentation here.

  • As a result, suppliers who have not yet been transitioned to new supplier portal will see the new menu but not the new portal. Instead they still see the classic portal home page with the Ariba Network solution name. They can fully use the new menu to navigate to the familiar document search pages for orders, invoices, etc. And all those supplier accounts will also be transitioned to new portal between now and end of June.