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I have been closely associated with handling the  App Readiness Check(ARC)-a key requirement to publish an ISV app on SAP App Center . I have been regularly answering  questions coming from partners and my fellow colleagues concerning ARC , so I thought of coming with a short write-up which explains App Readiness Check (ARC) and its related open questions  in order to make our partners  self-sufficient for App Readiness Check process . I have tried to summarize the entire process and its related actions below .


Let’s start with few questions which comes to one’s mind when they wish to apply for App Readiness Check (ARC) .

  1. Why apply for ARC ?SAP App Center is what attracts the ISV’s  to publish their app which is gateway to  around 300,000+ SAP customers worldwide . In order to have their apps published on SAP App Center , App Readiness Check acts as  mandatory gate to publish their apps .
    SAP App Center is an online marketplace dedicated to all partner solutions. A place where you can  browse and discover innovative solution use cases and extensions for their existing SAP application landscapes.
    ARC also acts as a pre-requisite to commercialize apps with the help of ePaaS/Embedded licensing options .
    Listing your app on SAP App Center enables to:Increase reach: The SAP sales force will help customers find listed / published app, and help that particular app to  stand out. The SAP marketing team will help further optimizing this  listing and market this app/ solution so one can reach a broader audience.
    Harness the power of the SAP brand: Our customers trust in our brand and processes. By transacting on the SAP App Center, partner can  boost the confidence of their  customers and encourage their investment decision.
    Scale your business: Focus on what’s important – your customers – and let us worry about the infrastructure. With support for multiple users, global currencies, and a two-tier procurement system, the SAP App Center is designed to help you scale.

  2. Who can apply for App Readiness Check to publish their App on SAP App Center ?
    Currently this process is made available for PE Build and  OEM partners only .Under this all packaged solutions based on SAP technology are eligible to be on SAP App Center .

SAP BUILD Partner  needs to pass the Application Readiness Check for each of the  solution(s) /apps which should be published/ list on SAP App Center .


Two Major pre-requisites to initiate the Application Readiness Check  which partners should check :

a) Valid/active  licenses for the relevant technologies via the Partner Licenses Services (PLS) team – more information you can find here. (Older contracts (PEBIA and PADCA) need to have the respective innovation pack in place).

b) A  valid S-User Id maintained under the PE Build Partner Type

I recommend that you review the Application Readiness Check Guide  before submitting the Application Readiness Questionnaire.

I can quickly take you all through the questionnaire form, which carries the points revolving around 10 major topics are  listed below : ( we expect that you  should answer  maximum  questions related to your apps)

:: Application Platform   :: Application integrates/extends    :: General Information
:: SAP Cloud Platform and Services used by your Solution :: User Assistance
:: Functional Correctness      :: Security        :: Software Lifecycle Management
:: Operations & Support        :: Globalization

  1. How do I start the process?

  • Open the PartnerEdge Portal  and read more about Application Readiness Check and click on option Manage My Apps .(Manage My Apps - is a tool which enables a partner to self-drive their Go To Market activities )

  • I have seen partner tends not to have a correct S User and Password which is definitely required here .Valid credentials linked to PE Build account is what’s required to proceed further .

  • This should take the partner contact  to personalized Manage My App front-page where one needs to  register the solutions/apps  (if not registered).

  • Necessary information should be entered in MMA for the app/solution and once saved the same solution will replicate into partners MMP(Manage My Profile) account as well .

  • Simple process  as a  single button will direct you to push the Application Readiness Check from your MMA front-page .

  • ARC team would review the questionnaire forms  and approve if all information provided are in sync with your architecture slide provided .


Things to Keep in mind for Application Readiness Check :

  • Solution Name should comply with SAP Naming Guidelines listed here. Check it carefully before submitting!

  • Solution Type should be correctly maintained (should not be left blank)

  • Do not forget to attach the SAP ICC Certificate if your app is ICC Certified

  • Make sure you apply for ARC ,only if your solution is technically ready to be sold to end customers