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The top organizations quantify their operations to measure effectiveness and KPI adherence. As more organizations turn to the External Workforce in support for their daily operations, strategic hiring practices for unique skills to gain competitive edge in operations is becoming a trend. With , there’s a growing need for a solution to address HOW professionals in operations can optimize their operational efficiency.

Many industries such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Logistics and others who heavily engage an external workforce for support lack a solution where they can manage their operations efficiently. Additionally, legislative nuances bring more headache to operations professionals as they tap these workers to help them in their day-to-day business. This is where Fieldglass helps the best!

Quantifying the External Workforce's Work as Unit of Measure

Traditionally, workers log timesheets as a basic Unit of Measurement or UOM but with the growing trend in External Workforce where gig-workers, freelancers and project-based contractors coming in to fulfil a service requested, a need to quantify the work done as a measure of payment is becoming increasingly important.

As an example, a telco company in Southeast Asia pays their workers for projects based on units (e.g., Consulting Hours, Project Hours, per Task done etc).  With SAP Fieldglass’ flexible Services Procurement framework, this organization was able to configure various roles and track work completed by units, resulting in a more detailed, accurate invoice. This can be more beneficial to organizations who procures services from suppliers where workers are paid based on specific units/amount depending on the type of work done.

Figure 1. Supplier Entering Consulting Hours as Fee for Work Rendered by Service Worker

Capturing 'Experience' through supplier feedback for the work done.

Operations Professionals rely on feedback. The combination of qualitative and quantitative data is made possible by Fieldglass, helping customersto drive operational efficiency.

Another example we’ve seen on the ground is when a customer likes having the ability to capture feedback from suppliers upon completion of the milestone/deliverable from a Statement of Work. This provides more rigour to the insight that operations professionals manages, assessing how deliverables are achieved effectively together with the External Workforce.

Figure 2. Supplier Entered a Feedback  in a completed deliverable


Flexibility in measuring completed work and quantifying  outcomes specifically for service workers is a growing need among organizations. Solutions that can seamlessly manage this process together with a strong integration to a Finance & Payment systems helps achieve operational excellence. Fieldglass can best help in manage this process through our Intelligent Spend and Business Network framework. Reach out to us today and find out more!