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One of the recurring inquiries in SAP Sourcing has been the use of FTP within scripts. While this might be a simple task in Java, the biggest problem is that Sourcing 9.x doesn't use the all-too-familiar Apache Commons FTPClient.

In this blog post I will explain how to make use of the internal functions available in SAP Sourcing 9.x to facilitate working with FTP folders.

**WARNING**- this blog post will make use of Internal APIs. Even if I have tested and confirmed them working in 9.x versions, great care should be taken while implementing and supporting these APIs.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Check and confirm that your FTP integration System Properties are defined and access is granted to respective directory.

The fun part: scripting

  • Import some classes

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
import com.sap.eso.sapintegration.util.SapIntUtil;
import com.sap.odp.doc.integration.IntegrationConfig;

  • Define your FTP Server

String FTP_SERVER = "";
String FTP_USER = "MyFtpUsername";
String FTP_PASSWORD = "MyFtpPassword";
String FTP_OUTBOUND_DIRECTORY = "my/outbound/directory";

  • Prepare your file
    • Let's assume you have an AttachmentIfc you want to push to FTP location

File exportFile = attachmentIfc.getFileData(session);
    • Or maybe kushagra.agrawal needs to create a file from a String :smile:

String xmlString = "sample XML text";
tempDirectory = IntegrationConfig.getEnterpriseProperty(session, "ftp.temp_dir");
File exportFile = new File(tempDirectory + File.separator + "my_file.xml");
writer = new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(exportFile), "UTF-8");

  • Finally, write your File to FTP

SapIntUtil.instance().ftpFile(session, exportFile.getParent(), FTP_OUTBOUND_DIRECTORY, FTP_SERVER, FTP_USER, FTP_PASSWORD, exportFile.getName());

**PS** For SAP Sourcing 10.x a different post will follow because the changes introduced allow for a better implementation with the use of File Transfer Configuration

Bogdan Toma