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As promised, this is the sequel to Working with FTP folders in SAP Sourcing 9.x

SAP Sourcing 10 introduces the FileTransferConfiguration BO which allows for a "more configuration, less coding" approach in working with FTP folders.

**WARNING**- this blog post will make use of Internal APIs. Even if I have tested and confirmed them working in 10.x versions, great care should be taken while implementing and supporting these APIs.

  • Prerequisites
    • Define your File Transfer Configuration (FTP location for file exports)


  • Required imports

import java.io.File;
import com.sap.odp.common.platform.HomeLocator;
import com.sap.odp.doccommon.filetransfer.FileTransferConfigBo;
import com.sap.odp.util.filetransfer.FileTransferClientIfc;

  • Prepare file
    • For example let's extract the first attachment in the document

File exportFile = doc.getAttachments().get(0).getAttachment().getFileData(session);

  • Write file to FTP

ftcHome = HomeLocator.lookup(session, "odp.doccommon.FileTransferConfig");
FileTransferConfigBo ftCfg = ftcHome.findByExternalId("EXPORT_EXT_SYSTEM");
FileTransferClientIfc ftc = ftCfg.getClient();
try {
     // if you plan to export multiple files with loops, implement them here, aka build your FTC client only once
     ftc.putFile(exportFile, ftCfg.getUrl() + exportFile.getName());
} finally {
     ftc.close(); //always make sure you close the client

Bogdan Toma