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How many of us prefer going to a shopping mall where we have access to various brands rather than visiting a brand outlet.

How many of us buy (for eg: a laptop) from XYZ company website than a renowned e-commerce website where there are dedicated teams for customer support and chances of getting it for a best price.

What happens when the same is applied to the procurement system of your organization.

what do you think happens when e-commerce shakes hand with e-procurement.

  • Improved shopping experience
  • Reduced spends on non-contract based orders
  • En-cash on competitive environment among various vendors
  • Employee purchasing a product best suiting his needs
  • Increased probability of finding the catalog product, thereby reducing free text items
  • Reduced costs on catalog management
  • Customized pricing for your organization
  • Contracts for items can be replaced with contracts at category level.
  • Contracts can be created for a supplier group partnered with e-commerce website.

I have also listed down few general disadvantages of it which can be hindered with cautious measures. The following are some

  • Unwanted purchasing (can be restricted with necessary approvals and budget allocations).
  • Trustworthiness of products/suppliers (feedback can be obtained with integration of e-commerce with social networking sites which has already gone to the next level).
  • Invoicing issues ( Supplier grouping can be done and payment is done to the head supplier, which is a feature already available in SAP SRM 7 Ehp 2 for Public sector procurement).
  • Access to irrelevant items (Can be restricted at various levels of organization).

As a first step, can these be added as one of the punch-out catalogs?

Is your organization already using such an idea in the same or any other way?

Please share your ideas and suggest necessary.

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