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This document will describe the transfer of data from ECC PR Customer fields present in EBAN to SRM SHC Customer fields present in BBP_PDISC table.

For this i assumed the below prerequisites should be completed.

1. Enhance the relevant structure through SPRO Extensions and Field Control (Personalization)->Define Customer Fields on Item Level in SRM.

2. Append the structure of customer fields in EBAN in  ECC.


To achieve we need to complete only below 2 steps.

Step 1:

Structure to be enhanced in SRM - BAPI_SC_ITEM_CUST_C

Structure to be enhanced in ECC Side - BBPS_ER_SC_ITEM_CUST_C_PI

Step 2:

Map the data from EBAN customer field to structure( of type BBPS_ER_SC_ITEM_CUST_C_PI) fields in BADI BBP_BADI_EXTREQ_OUT in ECC.

Now the data will be transferred automatically as per the configuration described in below analysis section.


RFC FM BBP_BC_EXTREQ_INB is called from ECC BADI (BBP_BADI_EXTREQ_OUT) in SRM during PR Transfer.

During this RFC FM call, internal table ITEM_CUST_IMP from ECC BADI has been mapped to SRM RFC FM table I_ITEMS_CUST.

ITEM_CUST_IMP is of type BBPT_ER_SC_ITEM_CUST_C_PI (in which customer fields are added in ECC)

I_ITEMS_CUST  is of type BAPI_SC_ITEM_CUST_C (in which customer fields are added in SRM)

Till now data from customer field has been transferred to SRM but still not mapped to shopping cart custom fields, for that Inside the below path there is move corresponding statement to SC item level custom field.


MOVE-CORRESPONDING bapi_items_cust to bbp_sc_item.

bbp_sc_item is of type bbp_pds_sc_item_icu.

bapi_items_cust is of type bapi_sc_item_cust_c.

Let me know in case any further information is required for clarification.



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