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On the wrong side of Christmas but it’s finally here. The last installment in our video series of interviews from UKISUG 2013 back in November up in Birmingham. We've drawn a full circle and hope you enjoy it.

This time around I had the pleasure of speaking with tim.fisher and matthew.riches on the topic of social media. It’s a very broad topic and it’s been words of hype for many years now, so I was curious to get an idea on how it’s applied to businesses in the current ERP market and when it’s relevant for a company to invest in social media, if at all?

We initially had planned to speak with chris.kernaghan2 from the SAP Mentor community, but as he was a busy man during the event he introduced us to Tim to take on the mantle. Appreciate the introduction as it was an interesting chat!

Here goes,

I’ve attempted to break up the video in a rough timeline below. The words in […] are additional topics we touch on outside of the original question.

  • 0:10 Introductions
  • 1:49 What does social media actually mean current day? [network of connections, Facebook, focus on the consumer at its centre, Twitter]
  • 4:45 Moving away from general consumers, what does social media mean in a more professional environment/sense? [connecting multiple sources, retaining the human element in the analysis and “mining” of social media]
  • 7:53 Is social media relevant to all business industries or when does it need to seriously be considered as an area of investment for a company? [client examples, different requirements, case by case, applying social media to your business]
  • 10:13 I was speaking with Timo Elliott earlier, let’s say social media would be applied to reporting and analytics, will it unlock new types of reports with very detailed consumer insight e.g. demographics, geo-location? [small & medium sized businesses, type of client buying into social media, smart application of social media]

In case you want to follow Tim or Matthew their Twitter tags are @TimFisherUK and @MatthewRiches1 mine can be found in my SCN profile. I hope you enjoyed the interview and if you want to see our earlier interviews from the event you can find them by following the below links.

Video series:

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