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1.0 Summary

It sometime becomes difficult to pull out valuable time from our “Days of lives” to tune into some critical thought leadership sessions that are held and that calls for a steward that fishes these great reminances and helps deliver that to you in less than 140 characters.

I am not taking credit for this, but I really appreciate the presenters of the webcast : the Colgate-Palmolive team, SAP and also the Social media support from SAP Procurement to share this information in real-time on the twitter feed.

The twitteratti today are some of the top tweets from the joint Sourcing Interest Group ((www.sig.org)  webinars showcasing Colgate-Palmolive’s success story of Achieving Procure to Pay Excellence with SAP Procurement solutions.

You can download the recording of the event from this link http://bit.ly/KUlJ3E

2.0) Who presented?

Emily Rakowski – Global Head of Procurement Solution Marketing, SAP Procurement

Patty Vollmar – Associate Director, Global Supply Chain Development - Colgate-Palmolive

3.0) Summary of the presentation

Thoughts from Emily Rakowski - SAP

  • SAP discusses world class procurement excellence and what does it take to stay competitive and be on the top
  • Global trends that are driving procurement: Economic Volatility Cost Savings Pressure Sustainability Focus Risks of Natural Disaster
  • What to focus when creating a business case for procurement excellence
  • Procurement excellence focus areas: Spend Optimization, Reliability, Productivity, Innovation
  • How does the technology strategy help empower your Procurement transformation & excellence: Strategic Sourcing tops the charts
  • Discussing the issue of Disconnected procurement process
  • World class procurement teams use a comprehensive, integrated procurement solution portfolio
  • Understanding the classic SAP Procurement portfolio to understand how to address these building blocks

Success story from Patty Vollmar – Colgate-Palmolive

Driving factors toward the P2P Initiative

Scope of the eProcurement solution

Project Roll Out Details

How did it go?

Phase II

Next Generation – Mobile!

Critical Success Factors

4.0) Poll Questions

Also there were 2 poll questions as below, check the webinar recording for the poll-results http://bit.ly/KUlJ3E

Poll Q1) Where is your company today in terms of Procure-to-Pay automation?

  1. A. Not automated at all – still mostly paper-based processes
  2. B. Automated for a portion of spend (e.g., direct or indirect only)
  3. C. Automated for all categories with employee tools in place but not optimized
  4. D. Automated for all categories with employee tools in place and optimized

Poll Q2) If your company is managing an eProcurement program, what is the most compelling benefit?

  1. Decrease in req to PO timing / employee satisfaction with the process
  2. Contract/pricing compliance through use of catalogs
  3. Cost reductions in the purchasing and AP departments (lower headcount, less time in transactional work)
  4. Better spend visibility and reporting
  5. Other

5.0) Twitteratti Stream: Check the twitteratti to understand how Colgate-Palmolive did it, hear the webcast for deeper insights