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Now a supplier or third-party logistics provider can assist the buyers in transporting goods from one location to another through transports request by integrating suppliers into the SBN for supply chain collaboration.

To initiate a transport request the logistic provider should have a logistics relationship that allows the information to flow on SAP BUSINESS NETWORK (SBN).

Process flow of Transport request:

  1. A transport request is sent to the logistic provider by the buyer

  2. Supplier/logistic provider can view the request in the fulfillment tab, select Transport request

  3. The supplier will provide the confirmation by accepting or rejecting the request.


  • Buyers can only send the Transport request

  • Only suppliers with a logistic relationship can view the transportation request/confirmation in fulfilment tab.


Third-party Logistics Provider/supplier enablement process for logistic relationship:

1. Choose Supplier Enablement à Active Relationship.


  1. Click Search for Suppliers.


  1. Enter information in the Company name, Company name starts with, or ANID fields, then click Search. Matching suppliers appear in the Search Results table.

  1. In the Search Results table, find the supplier you are looking for and choose Request Relationship in the Actions column. The Supplier Detail page opens.

  1. Check I have reviewed and verified the profile of Supplier Name, Click Request a Logistics Relationship.

  1. Once the supplier accepts the logistic relationship, you can see the relationship status in the supplier list.

  1. If a transport request is sent to SAP Business Network we can check through fulfilment tab a Transport request.


We have seen how to enable a supplier with Logistic Relationship & process flow for Transport requests.


  • Transport request is a custom enhancement that must be done by the customer etc.

You can refer to the link:


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