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At some point or other in an UI5 project we encounter a scenario where the catalog upload is successfully done, ESH test search brings up the correct result,  but when end user searches for the products, nothing appears. Sounds familiar right :). Believe me I came across this situation lot of times recently. I would like to share some stuff here that I learned on the way.


Where can I see and debug how the search terms entered by me are send to TREX and in what format??








ro_responses = mr_federater->if_esh_fed_federation_search~search_grouped( mr_request_data ).


Keep a break point at this line and see the contents of MS_REQUEST_DATA . inside mr_request_data. Important parameters here are QO_QUERY and QO_FREESTYLE_QUERY. Sample below


Search term entered




This has same content as above table but ROWTYPE is changed to FREESTYLE instead of TERM as in QO_QUERY

Now you know where to look, when your head is reeling J



Why the hell it appears in ESH test search then???


When we do search in ESH, both these tables will have only search term included in them. So system finds the result set in TREX

So, it is obvious from above that first things to check when something is not visible in UI5 search are


  • Is the product category updated in /SRMNAP/CAT_ITM ( field MATGROUP) is available in user Extended attributes

  • Is the catalog ID updated in /SRMNXP/CAT_ITM ( field WS_SERVICE_ID) part of user attributes

  • Is the category valid in comm_Category table with NON_ASSIGNABLE as blank

  • Is the price valid_from and valid_to are having correct values ( check the catalog file before you upload)

Thanks for reading the blog. Have a nice day and keep blogging  🙂 🙂