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SAP started a campaign for customer influence options on the Ariba Supplier solution:

It can be found here!

I hope there will be a lot of other Suppliers who will start to submit their improvement requests relating to the SAP Ariba Supplier solution on July 14th. Moreover make sure to read the requests which are submitted by others and vote for them, if they also help you!

I will add some points from my previous blogs:

BSAO – Challenging the Ariba Integration on ECC 6.0 (EHP 😎

BSAO – Mapping – Adding Tax Details on Invoice items (SD | Supplier)

Update 07-05-2018: for those of you having no integration, yet, there is a free webinar on July 19th:


Update 07-11-2018: Tonight I received the notification mail saying: "Improvement request submission and voting is about to start for project "SAP Ariba Supplier""...when visiting the project, the collection date changed to July 30th, though! Nevertheless, stay tuned!

Update 07-30-2018: Collection seems to be postponed again - without any further explanation! 😞

Update 08-08-2018: Guess what?! The collection is postponed again.  Now it is August 30th...

Update 09-03-2018: Collect starts on Sep 29, 2018...yet another delay?

Update 01-03-2019: The program was put on hold and is rescheduled to the end of 2019! Nevertheless, there is a new Customer Engagement Initiative for  Ariba Supplier Integration in S/4HANA