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Hey there!

This blog post will give an insight of the new evaluation method of suppliers by questionnaire (soft facts) which is a part of 'supplier and category management' in SAP S/4HANA.

Theme: SAP S/4HANA Supplier Evaluation by Questionnaire


  • Manage Questions

  • Manage Questionnaires

  • Supplier Evaluation by Questionnaire

  • Manage Templates

  • Evaluate Supplier

  • Monitor Responses

The supplier evaluation by questionnaire app will determine the scores of suppliers based on the questionnaires and responses.

The KPI is displayed in the following views:

  • By Supplier

  • By Purchasing Category

  • Document

For relevant roles to be enabled in both front-end and back-end please refer to FIORI apps library.


Manage Questions:

In order to create questions, we need to create a group, then create a section under a group and then create questions under the sections.

In the below tab, create a group for grouping of similar category of questions for evaluation






Then, create a section under a group to have further sub-divisions of questions

Then create the questions and scoring method for any of the available types - yes/no, single answer, multiple answer and free text

Manage Questionnaires:

In manage questionnaires app, click on create and fill in the basic details such as the questionnaire name and purchasing category.

In the questions tab, the section and relevant questions under the section to be added.

Once all the details are set up, click on 'Release'.

Manage Templates (Group Based Evaluation):

In this app, create a template and maintain the list of appraisers, supplier peer group and attach the questionnaire created in the previous app.

Once all the details are set up, please click on 'Release'.

Click on 'Start Group-Based Evaluation' to initiate the evaluation request creation. Enter the period to be evaluated and click on 'Submit Evaluation Request' to trigger the notification and request to the appraisers.

Evaluate Suppliers:

Click on the open evaluation request and navigate to the questions tab to participate the survey and submit the responses.

Based on the answers, the score is calculated.

Monitor Responses & Display Scorecard:

In these apps, all the responses along with the status and scores can be monitored.

Supplier Evaluation by Questionnaire:

Once all the responses are received, the supplier scores can be determined in this app.

The other relevant FIORI applications on supplier evaluation are -

  • Supplier Evaluation by Price

  • Supplier Evaluation by Quantity

  • Supplier Evaluation by Time

  • Supplier Evaluation by Quality - Inspection Lot

  • Supplier Evaluation by Quality - Notifications

  • Operational Supplier Evaluation

  • Overall Supplier Evaluation

Thank you and hope this blog post could have helped you to set up the questionnaire method of supplier evaluation with ease!

Have a great day ahead!