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Hello  everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post.As we all work for our respective companies and jobs,we are not much sure how this process of hiring,creating work for them,registering the employees,getting their timesheets filled and paying them actually works.SAP Fieldglass is here to show you people how can it be achieved.

You people must have heard about SAP Fieldglass but may not be quite sure about its usefulness and functionality.In this blog,i will explain about SAP Fieldglass.

So,what is SAP Fieldglass all about?

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based, open vendor management system (VMS) that helps organizations find, engage and manage their external workforce — contingent workers like independent contractors, freelancers and temporary staff as well as services providers like consulting firms, IT outsourcers or marketing agencies.


The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management Solution (VMS) automates the entire process of finding, procuring and managing external talent. This platform helps companies reduce costs, enforce compliance, improve worker and supplier quality, and increase program efficiencies.

With SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management, you can automate the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor – from requisition all the way through invoice and payment. It is useful in controlling expenditures,mitigating risks,increasing quality and increasing efficiency and accessing the talent you need.

SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management enables organizations to track ALL of their external talent – including workers that are not tied to a job posting or Statement of Work. With this solution, our platform becomes the system of record for your entire flexible workforce. SAP Fieldglass

Contingent  Workforce Management automates the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor, from requisition all the way through invoice and payment. It offers powerful functionality to search, identify, track and manage external workers.SAP Fieldglass Contingent guides users through a flexible workflowto help streamline and accelerate critical processes. The platform
automates processes and eliminates tedious administrative tasksthrough the entire management lifecycle, from resource request to offboarding and evaluation. As a result, work orders are quickly
filled with high-quality candidates, improving a company’s bottom line.

How the fieldglass actually works?

It can be seen in the below diagram:


In this blog,You will see a glimpse of how did i integrate SAP Fieldglass with SAP S4Hana via SAP CPI.

Step 1: Login to Fieldglass Vendor Management System.Change the account to Supplier account in accounts menu.Hiring manager creates the job posting.

The supplier has the work of submiting job posting.
In Suppliers account,go to view as shown:

Step 2:Select a current job posting for the employee.Submit a new job posting for the company with the job title he is applying for.
Give the first name,last name and security id(preferably initials of first name and last name).Date can be requested date.

Submit the job  posting by giving pay rate as some value of USD.

Step 3:Switch the account to Approversadp and go to View Menu .Here you will see the candidate information whose information was provided by supplier.
Select the particular candidate for which the job posting was created and click on Hire.
you will be landed to the Work order creation screen .Fill out the required fields as:










Submit Work order and approve it by going into Approversadp account:



The Status will go to Pending approval.Purchase requisition will be created and sent to CPI which will trigger iflow of CPI PR_Replicate_FG




This will create Purchase Requisition in S4hana as receiver is configured with S4hana tenant.You can see the particular Purchase requisition in the S4hana Tenant in Manage purchase requisition tile using the login of purchase manager.


Step 5:S4Hana will send the purchase requisition receipt notification to the fieldglass as:

then PR Ref id will be updated as shown:


Step 6:Now,the supplier needs to accept the Work order which has been created.


Give the worker's email address to activate the work order.

Then PO will flow from Fieldglass to s4hana and get updated in manage Purchase orders.


Step 7:The receipt of this Purchase order will be sent back from s4hana to Fieldglass and the PO ref id will be updated as shown:

Now,the work order needs to be activated.

Step 8:After activation,the next step is for the worker to register using the mail sent to him as specified in in accepting the work order.

The worker will now register with the mail sent by fieldglass and  will set the user id and password for himself.

Step 9:After registering,the person can login to Fieldglass using his user name and Password.He can fill his team sheets,view his timesheets and create expense sheets.After the worker submits the timesheet,it gets approved by using Approver Account in fieldglass.

Step 10:Then,it gets created in s4hana as Service entry sheet in manage entry sheets processing.The invoice id  and Service entry sheet id  are then sent back from s4hana to fieldglass and gets updated in fieldglass.The pending payment status now goes to paid in invoice.

After PO and PR status is approved,then the work order status will go to Confirmed state for the worker.

The configurations done on SAP CPI Side and SAP S4hana side will be explained in part 2.

You can go to Part 2 here :