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Hello World thank you for taking the time to read my blog!! My name is Himanshu Aman, and I am a SAP Ariba consultant.

Today my blog is going to focus on a cool Ariba latest feature where now a customer can support a diverse supplier by purchasing items from the catalog. If a supplier supports diversity we can see the diversity labels like "Woman owned" or "Hispanic owned". Now customers have options to choose the diverse supplier over other suppliers.

Now I am going to talk about some pre-requisites  which we must need to perform to enable this feature:

  • In Guided buying we need to set parameter 'ENABLE_SUPPLIER_DIVERSITY_CATALOG_FLOW' to True:

    • If set to false (default), diversity labels do not appear on suppliers when viewing the catalog.

    • If set to true, users see diversity labels on suppliers when viewing the catalog.

  • We must belong to customer admin group to manage the diversity program:

    • To create diversity labels on supplier tiles we need to create different diversity types by importing diversity info file by following path : Manage-->SM Administration--> Import Diversity info file.

    • Link suppliers to diversity type by importing Vendor diversity data file by following path: Manage-->SM Administration--> Import Vendor diversity file.

Now you can see the supplier diversity information below for one of my test supplier :

                                           Supplier Diversity information


For more information please visit: https://help.sap.com/docs/ariba/978b7e36451a4c2c85321a3ef6f3a7e5/37c6fe8442ab4cc4a45a34d46299f4ba.ht...

Thank you for giving your Time..!!