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In this blog, I am planning to show how you can restrict access to queries/reports. The same is applicable to query groups also if you want to restrict access to a group of queries.

Access can be given to Users, Groups or Companies. There is a precondition that atleast one of the person in the access list should be having read/write mode else this method will not work as some person should be having edit access.

Let me show you the steps for the same.

  • Select any query/report to be given access. In this example,  I am taking the test query which i have created.


  • Go to Access List tab and enter the list of collaborators i.e. Users/Groups/Companies. Here we are giving access to only myself which is shown below.


  • Click on Save and then Done to complete the changes.

By this way, the users/groups/companies other than the mentioned in the access list will not be having access for the same. They will be getting an error message that they do not have access for that particular object