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CLM users were unable to receive password reset email from SAP CLM Preproduction environment.


In CLM application once password reset is done an automated email with a specific template is sent out to the end user. Once the email is received end user can access the link and reset the password as per his/her own choice. Password can not be generated on the front end and sent to the user. It must go via email.

Component Version

SAP CLM version:- SAP CLM 10 SP 07 with Oracle 11g

SAP Netweaver 731 SP08 on Oracle 11g

How to check Email-Status

Follow the steps below to check the status of mails in SAP Sourcing system

1. Login with basis system administrator user or “enterprise”

2. Click Setup

3. Navigate to System Administration -->Administrative Reports

4. Select Queued or Processed messages

5. Check the status


In our case I could see all of them were in Queued Section and in "Pending" status.

Checking SMTP Properties

1. Login with “enterprise” User

2. Go to Setup System Setup-->Configuration

3. Select “System Properties” from drop down and Click “OK”


4. Check for below parameters in "messaging" Set






In our case everything was fine.

Send Test Email from OS Email

We tried to send email from OS level to make sure that the issue is not with SMTP server.

1. telnet <SMTP Server name> port

2. HELO your domain name (e.g abc.com)

3. mail from: Sender email address

4. RCPT TO: Destination address

5. DATA Your message

6. PERIOD (.)

Now my message is queued and sent. We received the email in our mailbox. So there was no issue with the SMTP point of view.


Check for any Custom Rule

1. Login with “enterprise”

2. Navigate to Setup --> System Setup --> Configuration

3. Select Mail configurations

Check if there is any Rule written to delete emails for any specific group

For e.g.-

@acme.com=send;@abc.com=delete;@all=redirect to admin@acme.com


In our case there was no rule written to delete emails for any specific domain.


I enabled SAP Sourcing trace in J2EE engine. After that I was able to check below entries in Drive:\usr\sap\SID\JXX\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\applications\e-sourcing\eso.X.trace file.

There was an error while registering the email daemon with the SAP Sourcing Database.


We have successfully restored the functionality by restarting the application SAP CLM SCC completely.


1997275 - SAP Sourcing Log Fundamentals

1706617 - eSourcing logs in Netweaver