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This document details the two ways to upload images to an SRM MDM Catalog.

1. Loading Images through the MDM Data Manager Table

Add the image to the MDM Data Manager ‘Images’ table.

Goto the table - Images, right click on the record and select ADD.

Create a Data Group as shown below:

Select a data group  or create one by Right Click > Add Child > Enter the Name of the Data Group and click OK.

Click on the Add button to add the image form the local machine.

Once the image has been added to the Table, we can then assign this image to the records. Go to the Catalog Items table and select the item whuch has to be assigned image. Click on the Image attribute at the right bottom.

Select the image and click on the 'Add' button and then when the image is added to the 'Selected Images' table, click OK.

After completing the above settings, continue with the UI settings as detailed in the section - Admin UI Settings.

2. Loading images through Hyperlink

To use the hyperlink for rendering the images, select an item and click on the 'Hyperlink' table on the bottom right of the screen. Make the following settings :

Hyperlink type = Rendered AND MIME type = JPG/GIF => render hyperlink as photo/image on UI

Hyperlink type = Rendered AND MIME type is NOT = JPG/GIF=> show hyperlink as link/url

Hyperlink type = Link AND whatever be the MIME type =>show hyperlink as link/url

Admin UI settings

To get the username and password, Go to the backend SRM GUI > SPRO > SAP IMG > SAP SRM > SRM Server > Master Data > Content Management > Define External Web Services > <Description of the Internal Catalog> Standard Call Structure > Note the username and password.

Login to Admin UI and select the user noted above. Open the tab Customize Display. Select 'Item Lists'. Select the field 'Image' from the SRM-MDM Repository fields and click on 'Add' to add the field to the 'Selected UI Fields'. Enter the height and width of the image.

The configuration done for the Item lists view above can be done selectively for Compare, Thumbnail View, Cart Preview, Item Details and Grid view also.

Save and log off.

Login to the EBP portal, and open the catalog, the user should be able to see the image against the record.

Further Read:

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SAP Note:

1675304    PDF Link visible in SRM is not working for end users

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