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Hello Friends

My name is Manish Singh Negi. I have 11 plus experience In procurement Domain. During this tenure i came across implementation, roll out and support project. My last project was Ariba Implementation with ECC integration done via CI9. My role was to look after the integration from ECC side.


I am here to discuss two feature which has been introduced by SAP Ariba in Q1 2020. As we are aware that Ariba is one of the most renowned procurement tools in today’s date which has accessibility to large number of Vendors via Ariba network and it’s is one of the cloud tools. Ariba used to incorporate features in each quarter which is useful and handy as per business demand across various industries.

So in today’s era it is more important for consultants to updated himself about these new functionalities so that business requirement which earlier was consider be considers as Ariba product gap can be removed and to attain good marks on Customer/Client Satisfaction.

I have provided the link below where you can get details of all functionalities and features released in Q12020

Here I have highlighted only only two.

Now question is why only these two????

Hers is the answer-:

During the initial phase of this Ariba implementation project when i used to explore Ariba Stuff via search engine such as Google, Internet explorer, I usually get nothing in terms of knowledge. Usually SAP has very rich content about its ERP and it publicly available via search engine too. But for Ariba it wasn't. This is one of the hurdle to get knowledge on it.

After project have gone live then one of the time consuming process is to raise the Service Request and let SR people to understand the requirement first and if it is possible then to raise SR for parameter on /off.

Now by Introducing these below mentioned feature SAP Ariba helped a lot in terms of knowledge about it Ariba Products and given leverage to some extent to customer to control some of the functionality.

  1. Public Availability of SAP Ariba Help- Earlier all product documentation was available only on ariba site i.e ariba.connect.com or Help Center in Ariba Application. So to get access these documentation and video tutorial about Ariba’s different solution, one must have credential which have been approved by designated DSC for particular site. That mean only if you are associated with Ariba as Partner or Customer only these you would have access to these stuffs. But now going forward all Ariba help which includes product documentation and videos are available publicly, it’s not required to login Ariba Connect or any credentials needed. Internet search engines such as Internet explorer, Google etc can be used to find documentation on specific topics.

  2. ICM(Intelligent Configuration Manager)- As Ariba is on cloud so there are only limited access to do the configuration with Customers. Earlier customer has to submit the service request and Ariba Spoc used to change it for client site. Now Ariba has provided flexibility to change some configuration via parameter enabling with the help of Intelligent Configuration Manager. But access this one has to be part of Customer Administrator Group. Now those who have worked with SAP ERP can related to SAP Landscape in which TR(transport requests) are  being imported  between between different servers.

Path for accessing it.

Manage->Core Administrator for Downstream

Manage->Administrator for Upstream

Steps to update Site Configuration



So by having these two features , anybody would be able to gain deep insight of Ariba products and innovation in this area, which can really transform the way of procurement business.


Link of accessing for detailed information and other functionality and features releases in Q1 2020




Manish Singh Negi

SAP Ariba/MM Consultant
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