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The purpose of the blog is to provide the  RHOMATTRIBUTES_REPLACE  program Functionality  in SRM & how to use this program in SRM.


In SRM the Production systems get copied back to development, quality & other relevant environments for testing,training & other purposes. The problem is  after the system copy back from the Production system  the SRM org structure points  back to the Production Logical system. The users will not be able to create shopping carts since the logical system is wrong. This Wrong Logical system needs to be changed to correct Logical system.

With the help of the RHOMATTRIBUTES_REPLACE program in SRM we can change the attributes in the SRM org structure automatically .

After the program execution the Logical system will be corrected

Caution: Never run this Program in SRM Production Environment

How to use this Program

Execute SE38 & enter Program RHOMATTRIBUTES_REPLACE on the environment where the logical system needs to be replaced & click on Execute Icon

Enter the Scenario name as BBP as shown in the below screen

For example the logical system in the SRM org structure needs to be changed from PRDCLNT100 to DEVCLNT100

Click Execute & in the following screen click on Replace ALL icon as shown below


Please select the attributes batchwise (For example 500 to 1000) & click on Replace all icon.Repeat this activity few times to change the logical destination.


Now the Logical system is corrected & the SRM Org structure is ready to use.