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During the vacation season, it is very common for Ariba consultants to receive the question 'How can I delegate my responsibilities to Ariba'. During this blog post, you will learn from user perspective how to create a delegation in SAP Ariba solutions.


What are the ways to delegate in Ariba?

Ariba brings you two ways to delegate your task:

  • Your user/system responsible can create delegations in name of user on the platform.

Delegation approval by user admin

  • Delegate yourself, and after it, your responsible will approve delegation based on your approval configuration.

Delegation approval by user delegation menu.

During this blog, we will review the second option, where you as Ariba users will be able to start this process.


Which steps need to be performed by user?

First of all, you need to be logged in your Ariba system. Once, you're logged below steps needs to be performed:

1. Press your initials at top-right of your screen:


2. Option menu will be displayed where you need to press 'Delegate Authority':


3. Once 'Delegate Authority' is pressed, below screen will be shown:


4. As user, you need to fulfill delegation information:

  • In which user you delegate?

  • When start your delegation?

  • When finish your delegation? (You can finish manually before).


5. Once all information is filled, press 'Next' and approval flow for your request will be shown.

NOTE: Knowing this approval flow will help you to claim approval if the delegation is urgent. At this screen, press 'Next' to continue with process.


6. Finally, review screen is shown. If everything is fine, you're ready to press 'Submit' and request   your delegation.


How to approve delegation?

As responsible for users, you can receive approvals task regarding delegation. How to approve these approvals task? To perform this action, you should follow same steps as other approval. Find below the steps detailed:

  1. In your 'To Do' dashboard, you will have tasks regarding 'User Profile' changes:


  2. Once you access to approval details, click 'Approve' to finish approval:


  3. Finally, Administrator could check the 'Delegation' in Core Administration menu:



How does your colleague act as you during the delegated period?

Once you have delegated in to your colleague, it will be very easy way to act as you for him/her. To perform this action, you only need to log in as usual and below screen will appear as first step:


In this screen, you have two options:

  • Log-in with your user profile

  • Log-in to act as your colleague

After clicking to act as your colleague, you will be redirected to the Ariba pages that he/she has access to and the system will indicate at all screens that you are acting as him/her:


How to manually terminate the delegation period early?

The process to finalize a delegation in Ariba is very simple. Once you return to your work and log in for the first time, the system will display the following image:

In this image, you will press 'Stop' (1) and the system will automatically finalize the delegation process.


And this is all about delegation approval, I hope you find the information useful and that you enjoy your vacation after applying these simple steps.


Thank you for reading.