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With 2311 release , Ariba has rolled out almost 120 features, this blog highlights few among them (Customer configured )

1.Support for adding groups to requisition approval flows in guided buying

Description :

Guided buying users can add user groups to approval flows when they create purchase requisitions. New icons in the approval flow show whether an approver is an individual user or a group. This group can be a watcher or approver .This is done by parameter PARAM_ENABLE_ADDING_GROUP_APPROVERS_ TO_APPROVAL_REQUEST .

Customer Benefit:

Guided buying users can add user groups to approval flows when submitting their requisitions.
Users can now add and delete groups to the approval flow for purchase requisitions in guided buying. Previously, they could add only users, not groups; they had to add each user
individually or go to SAP Ariba Buying to add group approvers ,both of which were time consuming.

2.Support for Resending Multiple Purchase Orders and Receipts

Description :

Buyers can now initiate resending multiple purchase orders and receipts that appear stuck in the SAP Ariba solution. Purchase orders may be stuck in Ordering or Canceling state due to various reasons while sending or resending them from the SAP Ariba solution to SAP ERP or SAP Business Network and receipts may be stuck in the sending or failed state while sending them to SAP Business Network.

Customer benefit :

The key benefit for this feature is to provide greater flexibility and allow customers to self correct issues by providing them the ability to request resend of multiple stuck Purchase Orders or Receipts to ERP and SAP Business Network (SBN). This feature should provide the customers a faster way to resolve their problems on stuck Purchase Orders or Receipts and from customer support perspective, help in reducing the number of customer cases and facilitate call rate reduction.

Read more here : 2311 Readiness Feature Preview: Support for Resending Multiple Purchase Orders and Receipts (CP-1987...

3.Usability Enhancement for Creation of Standing Orders for Limit Items in Guided Buying

Description :

For buyer sites that create standing orders for limit items (item category B) in guided buying, the standing orders checkbox in the request can be configured to be deselected by default for catalog items.

Customer benefit :

With this feature the user saves time and effort by not needing to uncheck the standing order box for catalog items where a commodity can optionally be a material, service or limit. This enhancement is only for catalog items. Users will have increased adoption and decreased confusion over catalog items.

This is done by enabling  the DISPLAY_DESELECTED_CHECKBOX_STANDING_ORDERS parameter in guided buying.

Read more here :

ACSS-1241: Usability Enhancement for Creation of Standing Orders for Limit Items in Guided Buying | ...


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