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REQUIREMENT: Configure a notification (acceptance/adjust) to the requester of the document in case a document is been rejected by approver.


  1. Go to Transaction (T-code): /SAPSRM/WF_PROCESS.

    2. Select the concerned business object in our case it is the shopping cart (BUS2121) and double click on the process schema definition.

  3. The following screen appears with all the schema’s for the business object.


     4. Now select a process schema and double click on acceptcance by contact person, the following screen appears we need to select the process schema and the evaluation ID and task id(40007994 always the same) .

     5. In our case we created a custom evaluation ID with the custom expression.

6. For the custom expression we selected the expression type as 0FB001 (CL_FORMULA_BRF).

  7. Click on the Formula Editor to create the formula and maintain the formula 0V_WF_CURRENT_DECISI = 'REJECTED'.

Whenever a document is rejected by the approver it will notify the requester with Accpet/Adjust workitem and he will make the concerned changes and resend it for the approval.