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Very often customers ask to create the separate transaction/application for the shopping cart monitor (but without application monitor sidebar).

SAP provides the shopping cart monitor as a part of the application monitor.

This post is the step-bystep guide to achieve the requirement.

First you need to create the custom application configuration for the WD Application /SAPSRM/WDA_L_FP_AMF - You can copy it from the existing configuration.

Click on "Start Configurator" and then on "Copy"

Give the new name to the configuration and assign the package and transport.

Then go to the change mode of the new configuration.

Here you see all the used components and can assign a custom configuration to them. Now You need to create the new custom configuration for the WD Component /SAPSRM/WDC_L_FP_AMF. Go to transaction SE80 and create the new config.

Give the new name and click on "Create".

After creation You need to navigate to the Build-In components and hide the side bar "PANEL_CONTAINER".

After that save the component configuration, go back to application configuration ans assign the configuration to the component.

Now you need to create a new menu entry for the application. Go to PFCG and take an appropriate role. I have used the role, from the blog post Creating NWBC Role Link for Workflow Subtitute .

New Folder, New WDA.

WDA should be assigned with the following parameters.

Important fields are

  • Application Configuration = Z_SC_MONITOR - this will hide the sidebar.
  • SAPSRM_TX_CONTENT_ID = SC - this will start SC Monitor by default.

Now the requested functionality should be available for the user, as soon as the role is assigned.



P.S.:  English language is not my native language, and any person is not insured from mistakes and typing errors. If you have found an error in the text, please let me know - I'll correct the post.

P.P.S.: If you have some ideas, how to correct/improve this post - please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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