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SRM Settings

  1. Define Back end system

SAP Implementation Guide - SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Technical Basic Settings -> Define System Landscape

The same will be updated in the BBP_BACKEND_DEST

The field Integrated UI should be ticked to show the systems that participate in procure to pay scenario

  1. Assign hierarchy template to transaction type

SAP Supplier Relationship management->SRM Server-> Cross Application    Basic Settings->Service Procurement->Activate Service Procurement


Assign HIER_SE template to the transaction types which needs to be displayed in CPPR application.

Settings in the SAP ERP System

  1. Register SRM System :  In the T.Code OLME  choose Portalà System Land scape

  1. Enable External Sourcing :
  2. In the OLME Transaction choose Portal à Business Add-Ins for Purchasing Portal à BAdI: Activate Sending of Purchase Requisition to Ext. Procurement System

You must implement the BAdI ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST. Note that this BAdI implementation is used for transferring external requirements to SRM sourcing using SOA services and also to create RFxs directly from CPPR.

  1. Activate Event Linkage

In the T.Code SWETYPV maintain the entry

BO BOR Object Type BUS2105 RFXREQUESTED WS53800009

  1. 4. UOM & ISO

Ensure that the UOM and ISO are replicated to SRM system

  1. 5. Implementing BaDI for RFQ Request SUITE Request

In order to use the SOA RFQRequestSUITERequest message, you have to
implement the BaDI named BBP_EBPXML_OUT_BADI. Please create a BaDI
implementation for the interface: REQUESTFORQUOTE with the following

METHOD if_ex_bbp_ebpxml_out_badi~requestforquote.

* use SOA system type to get the SOA interface
* from bbp_function_map.
cv_system_type = 'ESASAPXML1'.