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There is simple setup of Approval Workflow in SLP Template where a Group/Supervisor/Approver can be added  as an approver but there are cases where approver is required based on a question response (Template can be any - Supplier Request/Registration...)

E.g. - When Supplier selects Country as "India" . 2 level of approvers are required but when country selected as " Japan" . 3 level of approvers may required


How To Do

Step 1 : Create a condition on the country selection question


Step 2:  Create a question which will be hidden(visible to supplier as "NO" ) but will have visibility condition which we have created above . This will have Answer Type " Whole Number", Visible to Participant - "NO" and any whole number can be entered  in Initial Value field .

Supplier field mapping "project.LOBApprovalLevel". This particular mapping is for Line of Business but there are other mappings available - any one can be used from below list

  • Finance Approval Level (mapped to project.FinanceApprovalLevel)

  • Legal Approval Level (mapped to project.LegalApprovalLevel)

  • Line of Business Approval Level (mapped to project.LOBApprovalLevel)

  • Purchasing Approval Level (mapped to project.PurchasingApprovalLevel)

  • Quality Approval Level (mapped to project.QualityApprovalLevel)

  • Sustainability Approval Level (mapped to project.SustainabilityApprovalLevel )


Step 3:

Create a condition  in the Template under Condition tab


Step 4: Create Approval Node in task tab and assign Condition & add approver.


Step 5:  Test a case with Country as Japan and it should work .



This blog is useful for those who need to configure approval workflow in SLP on Question based conditions .


That’s all for today, thank you for reading my blog post! And stay tuned for the next one.

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