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One of the gaps found in SAP Sourcing and constantly requested by customers is the possibility to archive the processed messages list for more than the system configured number of days.

While email archiving does not come standard with SAP Sourcing, it is an easy task to implement with a custom process.

In this blog post I will detail the configurations required to archive the processed messages (emails) in Wave 10.

**similar configuration is also possible in other versions, with adaptation for the Integration Export Task**


  1. FTP server with preconfigured email archive directory
  2. ACL to create Report
  3. ACL to create Scheduled Task
  4. ACL to create File Transfer Configuration **for Wave 10**

Step 1: Create custom report based on query definiton FCI-AllSentMessages

               **extra: standard query definition can be duplicated and enhanced to also archive email contents**

Step 2: Create File Transfer Configuration (**only for Wave 10**)

Step 3: Check value of System Property messaging.savesentmsgsdays

               **this will be the basis number of days for setting the periodicity of the scheduled task**

Step 4: Create Integration Export Scheduled Task

Final result:

Full archive of processed messages (emails) list:

Bogdan Toma