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This is  in addition to the blog which I have always used for any custom field addition


So if you haven't still gone through that blog you must first visit that one .

I would like to add a couple of more points as below which I found myself struggling with and a short summary of  what all I have done with this functionality .

Config Section 1. We have the below options for adding header and Item level fields ..

It shows you a pop up and you can add your custom field in the relevant document type  for both header and item sections . Since the field has to be stored in database we add at 2 Append structures .

Note: Display fields means they would not be stored in the Backend .

Config Section 2 : Once you added in the above then you should define the properties related to this field . You can only control 4 properties in this either by checking the box  (Field Editable , Field Visible , Field required , Filed Posteditable)


1. How to add at other places not specified in config ? We do not have an option to add for a business partner transaction .. There is a separate Note which talks about it . please find below the same. Following the instructions in the note helps you add fields on to the business partner transaction .

               1386310 - Creating SRM business partner field extensions

2. How to edit the property based on some conditions  ? Create a class and method .  You can copy the reference class used by SAP and modify it further.

3. How to copy dynamic classes and methods ?  Go to config section 2 and click on option : " Display Standard Metadata Tables for Header Fields" When you open it scroll to check the relevant field or any field for the business doc type for example I am checking for PO

Copy the field and the method and add it as an input in " Configure Control for Fields on Header Level"

and add your own method to it as shown below :

Code snippet:  I am trying to HIDE  a field for only a particular object type


                    WHERE subobj_category EQ lv_object_type

                    AND   process_type    EQ lv_process_type

                    AND   fieldname       EQ iv_field_name.

    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

  cs_metadata-visible  = abap_false.

      cs_metadata-enabled  = abap_false.


Limitation :

1. We can not position a field .. SAP has some internal mechanism of putting the custom field at the end of the standard field either right or left container . If you still want to do it add the fields in Webdynpro in an enhancement and then in layout section decide where to position them ..

2. We can add a custom  field but the default value cannot be set .. it has to be done in DOC_CHANGE if you can build it on some condition like when initial let value be X . OR use a webdynpro component to do that in the WDDOINIT method .

Hope this helps . Do share your experience as well so I can better this document .