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In a new release of the chapters we are publishing to help you with the adoption and setup of Ariba, today we brought you 3 quick tips that could solve some of your doubts when implementing Guided Buying.

The tips that will be reviewed in this article will be the following:

  1. How to change Guided Buying Logo

  2. How to test deployed policies

  3. Limitations of 'Act as' scenario in Guided Buying

Even though this article will not focus on all the details needed, we will explain you capabilities of Ariba Guided buying and share with you the links to Ariba Connect or Help SAP that will allow you to deploy it.


1. How to change Guided Buying Logo

Guided Buying allows to upload customized logo based on your company requirements. It is important to note that this logo is different from the Ariba S2C or Ariba Buying & Invoicing logo.

To perform this action, Guided Admin User should choose Admin > Upload Images.

Example of Ariba Guided Buying logo upload action.

NOTE: The name of the image must match the name of the Guided Buying realms (highlighted in yellow).

For all details, please refer to KB0400834 - How to import logo in Guided Buying.


2. How to find available field for policies configuration

Guided Buying policies allow administrators to implement validations, define tactical sourcing, drop-downs, etc.

Often, administrators find it difficult to find the fields to define in these policies. Guided Buying contains the Policy Source Fields and Values section that will help us to do so.

To display these fields, user will choose Admin > Manage Policies > Policy Source Fields and Values  and enter a document number in the main screen (example below):

Manage policies menu in Guided Buying.

As we can see, Ariba will show you all the fields that we can use to define policies:

Field value example to manage policies in Guided Buying.


3. Limitations of 'Act As' scenario in Guided Buying

Ariba Administration has a strong feature for analyzing scenarios and errors, allowing administrators to act as other users.

Many times we have encountered questions from client IT departments asking us about not being able to submit PRs in Guided Buying using the Act as functionality.

Act As feature limitation in Guided Buying.

It is important to understand that this is standard Ariba functionality that we cannot change. 

In this scenario, the end-user should purchase with the On-Behalf of option to make the purchase on behalf of another user.

Additionally, it is also useful to review the Team Buying & Receiving functionality that could fit your requirements for this type of purchases.

For all details, please refer to KB0401122 - Guided Buying "Error: You are not authorized to buy. Contact your administrator".


I hope these tips will be useful and help you to improve the adoption and end-user experience in Ariba.

See you soon in the next chapters!


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